The Cultural Wars, Explained

The group that fights against “X” instead of for “Y” ultimately loses. Anytime your cause is characterized by opposition to a position, or reactionism (think anti-abortion vs. pro-life), it will be less palatable to the people you’re trying to convince. It makes it sound like your movement is overtly critical or backward, implying right off […]

Baking Cakes is Bigoted But Slaughtering Gays Isn’t? Explained

On Twitter Katie Pavlich (and almost every other conservative) voiced what she thought was an apparent lack of logic in the left’s reactions to homophobia. Ah, Christians not baking cakes is bigoted but an Islamic terrorist slaughtering gays is about need for gun control. Got it. — Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) June 12, 2016 Apparently, if […]

Debunking the Myth That “Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings”

Which is harder? Dealing with a group whose emotions are affecting their reasoning? Or, dealing with a group who’s in denial about how their emotions affect their reasoning? If you picked the second one, you’d be correct. The belief that your side is above the emotional rollercoaster that is intrinsically tied to the political process […]

#NeverTrump & The Fight Against Collectivist Party Politics

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of being told a party owns my loyalty, or the loyalty of other Americans. Ever since Trump beat out what many of us thought would be the future of the GOP party, I’ve been hearing this collectivist rhetoric throughout the Republican Party. “Make sure Hillary […]

On Cultural Change: Don’t Be a Conservative

Social change has been a topic of focus these past few months. The reasoning being, I’ve noticed how powerful social change is, and how difficult it is to stop. Society changes, our standards move, our ideas morph. This change is a tricky subject. Not because it’s complicated, but because it requires people to move past […]

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