Stop Looking for Reagan, He’s Gone

Take a drink every time Reagan’s mentioned. If I did that at CPAC, I would’ve died of alcohol poisoning. I’m not kidding. Reagan was talked about that much. A panel was specifically about Reagan, with 3 or 4 others coming at issues from a “Reagan perspective.” It was insane. And telling. Conservatism is a movement, […]

Stop the Mudslinging: 5 Reason Why You Should Give Obama Some Respect

  You’ve probably seen these memes before. They represent a combination of atrocious Photoshop skills, overused clichés, and minuscule imaginations (not to mention IQ levels). But at the bottom of these memes is a misplaced focus. One that is currently hurting the conservative community at large, without them even knowing. Look at your social media, […]

The Conservative Movement Needs More Extremism

I started out my political life as a neo-conservative; maybe a lighter version of it, but still a neo-con. To put it bluntly, my political outlook was largely hypocritical, interventionist, and controlling. It was extremely subjective too. What would’ve justified intervening in one country wouldn’t necessarily have justified it in every country. My worldview was […]

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