Quickly Improve Your Communication Skills with 17 Tips From Carl Franklin Braun

Pittsburgh police officers are planning on boycotting Beyoncé’s concert this month, and I can’t believe these cops actually believe it’ll end well for them. Think about it: a black artist whose new single, “Formation” includes a heavy amount of “Black Lives Matter” and policy brutality imagery in it. Now throw in some cops, the majority […]

Sick of Those Blank Stares After Explaining a Political Issue? Use Analogies to Help Them Get It

Economics makes a heck of a lot more sense with real-life examples. Am I right? I’m not gonna lie, economics can be pretty complicated. So can politics. Using analogies helps bridge that gap between theory and reality. How does supply and demand work? Instead of using a graph to describe it, use the example of […]

Don’t Be All Mouth & No Ears (Pointers On Political Communication)

What goes on in your head when someone’s talking? Are you digesting what they’re saying? Are you processing what they’re saying, trying to understand the nuances? Are you getting their point? Or, are you collecting your thoughts until it’s your time to talk? Honestly, I’m sure we both do the latter. It’s easier to be […]

How to Communicate Your Beliefs to Others: A Guide to Bridging the Gap Between Knowledge & Dissemination

Sometimes my peers disappoint me. This was one of those times. I was in a van headed to an American Enterprise Institute conference located in DC. The College dean was driving the van, and we were having a pretty good start. Granted, it was 6 in the morning (ugh!). I was a first semester sophomore […]

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