How to Lessen the Fear & Make Running Into Disagreement Worthwhile

“They’re a rather boisterous group.” That was my wing-mate’s description of the small Theonomist contingent on campus. It was my first semester at college. My first week. And I was already getting a lay of the college’s political landscape. I’m a political junkie. So it’s no surprise that I asked about the political makeup of […]

How to Communicate Your Beliefs to Others: A Guide to Bridging the Gap Between Knowledge & Dissemination

Sometimes my peers disappoint me. This was one of those times. I was in a van headed to an American Enterprise Institute conference located in DC. The College dean was driving the van, and we were having a pretty good start. Granted, it was 6 in the morning (ugh!). I was a first semester sophomore […]

Two of My Favorite Political Statements…

“Free Community College” “It’s not a tax, it’s a user fee.” That’s gold right there. More government subsidies for the college market. It’s going to screw up more things than it helps. Yet, it’s being portrayed as something good. Even life-saving. Then there’s the gas tax hike people. Gas is cheap, so I guess it’s […]

What a Moot Court Tournament Taught Me About Judging the Law

Last week was my first, and hopefully last, journey into the world of moot court. Now, if you don’t know what moot court is, don’t worry. I didn’t know what it was either until recently. Simply put: moot court is where you argue for and against a law just like in a court. You read […]

Recognize Trolling…And Stop Being So Darn Serious

New student parents can be so ridiculous. Especially when it comes to a conservative college that their child is going to. They expect it to fit all these stereotypes, standards, and check lists of what an appropriate “conservative college” looks like. If you call yourself a “conservative Christian college,” you better fit a parent’s idea […]

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