Which Type of Government Works Well With a Free Market System

You never hear about a free market existing in a country ruled by a monarchy. It’s just not something you run into. So, is Capitalism not compatible with a monarchy? A better question would be, are there certain forms of government that aren’t compatible with Capitalism? The answer to that question is yes. Take a […]

All You Need to Know About Supply & Demand in One SlideShow

After writing my recent article on supply and demand I decided I’d make it even simpler to understand. I’ve been wanting to try out Google Drive’s slideshow feature, so I pulled out the meat of that article and put it into a short slideshow presentation. Easy. Fast. Simple. Clear. Everything you expect from The Political […]

There’s a Solution to Government Regulation, and it Rests in the Hands of the Private Sector

Do you like learning new things? I certainly do, especially when it comes to politics. I’ve been pushing myself over the past four or five months to really go through what I believe political. Test it. Contemplate it. Resolve issues. And reform my beliefs into something that lines up with not only my faith, but […]

Here’s Why Amazon Prime Air is Capitalism at Work (and, Why You Shouldn’t Fear it)

During a 60 Minutes Overtime interview with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Amazon released details about their new project called Amazon Prime Air. What the heck is that? It’s awesomeness, plain and simple. Think of it like having every package from Amazon being personally delivered by little “Octocopter” bots right to your doorstep… in 30 minutes. […]

Eruption At The Guitar Store

Eruption at the guitar store Capitalism promotes creativity and individuality Communism doesn’t. Everyone’s part of the community, there’s no “I” or “you,” there’s just “us.” Socialism doesn’t. The Government’s enormous reach into the market place (and every other sector of society) makes sure that anyone that tries to go off the beaten path so to […]

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