I Read an Obama Article in the Huffington Post, Just for You

I did something I rarely do. I took the time to read an article in the Huffington Post, written by our very own president. It was an eye opener, to say the least. Why in the world would I read such an article? Well, for one, I was bored. Secondly, I follow the White House […]

Obama Needs to Stop Threatening Obnoxious Five Year Olds With Our Military

What’s pops into your head when you hear the president of the United States saying that the US “will not hesitate to use military might”? What do you think he’s referring to? An invasion of a close ally? Blatant threats from an enemy nation? A horrible genocide taking place in Africa, The Middle East, or […]

The Number One Way To Fundamentally Change America (For The Better)

During the 2008 election you heard the term “fundamentally changing America” quite a bit. It was going to be Obama’s claim to fame, and so far, it’s been just that. His claim to fame. Only just not the way he imagined it. What’s Been His Change? That answer could go into a whole world of […]

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