Deny Legitimacy To A Group’s Plight For Long Enough & Soon All They Have Left is Violence

With all that’s happening recently with #BlackLivesMatter protests throughout the country, and the recent shootings, I thought I’d give out a little reminder on why this is happening. This isn’t the main reason why. Think of it like a caveat. When a group cries “oppression” and “injustice” while outsiders criticize and dismiss them, don’t be […]

Multiculturalism VS Xenophobia: 2 Extremes of the Same Issue

We’ve been dealing with the issue of multiculturalism for a while now. But recently, the issue of xenophobia has made its way onto the national stage. Trump and the Syrian refugee crisis are partially to blame for this emergence. The Syrian refugee crisis has awakened a fear that many Americans have. A fear that’s taken […]

You’re More Likely To Die From Police Brutality Than Terrorism

There’s a prevailing fear. A fear that claims terrorism is widespread. A fear that claims you’ll never know when the threat will strike, or where it’ll be. A fear that claims terrorism is a massive threat to the nation. After the Paris attacks, this fear was rampant. To the point of sickening. If it happened […]

Americans at Christmas Be Like…

How to Bring About the Privatization of Marriage in America

Gay marriage isn’t the end, it’s only a stepping stone. A stepping stone toward what? The privatization of marriage. What else would it be? Make no mistake, marriage moving toward privatization. The path has been blazed, the milestones are set, and we’ve moved past several of the markers. A southern state even considered privatizing marriage! […]

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