In an age of increased sensitivity to vitriolic speech, it should be no surprise that such behavior becomes less and less accepted. People who engage in childish taunting and ad hominem attacks will increasingly be dealt with. Again, no surprise. Regardless of what you think of the “triggered” “safe-space” crowd, there’s one thing that’s true. […]

Insecurities & Fear Hold Me Back From Being Politically Effective

I think we forget how much fear plays a role in aggressiveness. Why’s it so hard to have a civil conversation? Why must politics be such an antagonistic sport? From personal experience, I can tell you why. Fear plays a big part. Insecurities an even bigger part. For those of us who strongly identify with […]

Dealing with Aggressive People on the Internet (& Remembering How to Avoid it Yourself)

The lack of face to face interactions these days has created the perfect breeding ground. The perfect breeding ground for unwarranted aggressiveness. The anonymous nature of the internet makes it easy to let off on people. To be a troll. To be closed minded and aggressive with those who disagree with you. It’s what’s called […]

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