The 12 Different Types of Activism

“Freedom For All” sticker giveaway. Click here for details and how to enter!   I’ve had this fantasy that I’d start some kind of activist group. You know, the kind that wears masks and goes into cities spreading the message via poster, pamphlet, and mural. It’s what I get for reading too much books on […]

A Different Approach to Activism: An Interview with the Founder and President of the Free State Project

In the freedom index of all 50 states, the top five states are Missouri, Oklahoma, North and South Dakota, and New Hampshire. Only one of them is being gradually taken over by libertarians and other freedom-loving Americans: New Hampshire. Yes, New Hampshire is experiencing a migration of libertarians, purposely designed to alter the state’s political […]

Getting Started with Activism: Do It Like The Feminists Did It

If one things true about movements it’s this: “One movement crazy can do the work of ten paid agents provocateurs.” Formulated by feminist, Susan Brownmiller back in the 70s, it’s a reminder of what a passionate movement can accomplish. Brownmiller framed this phrase in her book, “In Our Time: A Memoir of a Revolution.” After […]

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