3 Reasons Why You Don’t have to Be “Super Serious” to be Politically Savvy

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So you’re thinking about getting into politics. You’ve talked to a few friends, read a few books, maybe even watched Fox News. You want to “be in the know” and hang out with the cool group (yes, we political folks are pretty cool), but you’re not the most somber person.

You think politics is some super serious all work, no play hobby. You’ve got to be mature and devoid of any tomfoolery.

Well, you’ve got it wrong.

If you went down that path you’d probably kill yourself sooner or later. Politics is a stressful environment with its own ups and downs. Being the “serious person” makes it unbearable.

Here’s three reasons why you should never be one of those “all work, no play” kind of guys (or gals) if you want to be in the political know…

1. No One Else Is

You’d be hard pressed to find a Conservative or Libertarian who doesn’t have some fun with their politics. The memes, cartoons, jokes, and sarcasm are everywhere!

A good example of one politically savvy individual who’s hilariously funny is Glenn Beck. He can be serious, but he can also make you laugh your pants off.

The most influential political figures, whether on TV or on Google+ are some of the happiest, funniest people around. I can’t speak for the Left, but as for us Righties, we’re no stuck ups. We have a good time.

2. You Need a Stress Releaser

The political world is filled with letdowns, tears, anger, and spam email. How are you ever going to get through it all depression free if you can’t lighten up?

Laughing, joking, and trolling trolls are great ways to stay out of the pit of despair. It keeps you in an upbeat mode ready to fight tyranny no matter the day, no matter the situation.

Sometimes you need to listen to that comical political show instead of watching the stock market crash.

3. You’ll Be Horrible Company at Parties

No one likes a “glass is half empty” girl, or a Mr. Serious. If you try to be the sophisticated adult in the room you’ll end up being the pompous (you know what) who no one wants to be around.

You can discuss your interest in politics without coming across as a newspaper article (dry, boring, moldy).

What you need is a smile, some jokes, and a positive outlook. Don’t fall into that stereotype that people like to throw us “political minded” individuals into. You’re better than that.

But Remember…

Being “merry” doesn’t give you carte blanche to act like a child. There’s a time for jokes and sarcasm, and there’s a time for those adult conversations.

Thinking like an adult helps too. Scratch that… thinking in an adult manner (logical, rational, based on facts) is a necessity. Childish arguments based solely on emotion are for Liberals. Don’t be a Liberal. Use your head.

But the Fact Remains

Nowhere in the political rulebook does it say you have to be some super serious snob. And guess what? If you’re a happy joking kind of person who wants to dive into politics then you’re in luck.

You don’t have to change. You can be your fun self and still fight for Freedom.

So stop watching CSPAN, open up YouTube, and watch that guy hilariously mock Obama and the NSA. Or better yet, you could watch Some Things Considered….or you could just post a funny meme on your social media profile.

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