12 Things You Need to Remember Going Forward in 2014

20142013 has gone, yippee. For you, that might be a good thing. Good riddance you say. Or it might mean the start of another year, one that you aren’t looking forward to.

I don’t know why you wouldn’t. Everything’s fine after all the New Year parties die down, and the drunks go home.

Maybe this new year brings uncertainty, fear, and self-doubt. You don’t know what to expect after the year we just had. Man, it was a crazy year to say the least.

Government surveillance, Benghazi revelations, Government shutdowns, Obamacare flops, and don’t even get me started on the freak show that is Miley Cyrus (that girl needs Jesus).

It can be overwhelming. But does it have to be? I’m going to say no.

As a Patriot, you’ve got so much to look forward to. You’ve got so much to bring into this new year.

To highlight this fact, I’ve put together a list of key ideas, tactics, beliefs, and nuggets of truth that I hope will bring you into 2014 feeling confident.

It’s another year, baby! Let’s own it! Here we go…

Freedom Is Either Everything or Nothing

You can’t choose what group should enjoy Freedom, and which group shouldn’t. You can’t decide that one action is acceptable, and another is illegal. Freedom is an absolute. You’re not free when you can drink alcohol, but not 24oz soda drinks.

If you say you’re for personal Freedom then you need to distribute it equally (spread the wealth as my Liberal friends say).

Connect With People on What Brings You Together

You can’t win by yourself. You can’t win by pushing everyone away out of some sense of moral superiority. Find an issue you and a colleague agree on and work from there. If you know a Democrat who’s pro-life, connect on that.

There’s no reason you should ignore anarcho-capitalists, democrats, or Libertarians because your beliefs don’t match up perfectly. Find an issue you two agree on and go from there.

Use Emotion

A sound argument is not made up solely of facts. Facts become dry, impersonal, and confrontational fast. Using emotion (not in the gushy sense of the word) in your discussions helps you reach people on a personal level. Look at any Liberal argument and you’ll know what I mean.

But remember, emotion should go hand in hand with facts. Your emotional argument should always be based in truth. Always.

Be Loud!

Being loud, for the Patriot, is voicing your opinions. Being loud, is a reminder that your opinions matter. Don’t be afraid or hesitant to share them. Don’t apologize for them.

As long as your opinion is based in truth you shouldn’t be afraid of sharing it. Be loud! Be opinionated! Make your voice heard!

The Free Market Benefits You Daily

Whether it’s innovation, variety, or the ability to choose. The Free Market makes your life better. Never doubt that fact. There’s a reason why the average person can own an iPhone, a big screen tv, and a mustang.

You remember the Middle Ages? How about the industrial age? Only the very rich could afford luxurious products. Now, that’s not the case. Capitalism improves all of our lives.

In the End, You are the Last Barrier to Tyranny

There’s a reason why the Founders focused so much on The People. They realized that the only thing standing in the way of a tyrannical government was a vigilant and informed populace. That’s why it’s so important to stay informed, and participate in the political system.

A Piece of Paper Cannot Protect You

There’s a trend growing that the Constitution has “failed” us. Don’t buy it. The Constitution hasn’t failed. The People have. The very idea that a piece of paper alone can restrain the actions of men is naïve.

The Constitution is a guideline, it’s not a bulletproof barrier. Without men and women actively fighting to preserve it, it will be twisted and ignored by those in power. You can’t expect an inanimate object to reign in on the actions of a corrupt people.

No One Has an Obligation to Help You

That might sound harsh, but it’s true. No one owes you a handout. I don’t care what situation you’re in, the belief that others should help you is the wrong mindset.

You’re responsible for your wellbeing, not the rest of the taxpaying nation.

Forced Charity isn’t Charity

Generosity is voluntary. It’s not some obligatory societal task. You can’t legislate it, and you shouldn’t try to enforce it.

No one has to be charitable. Forcing them doesn’t make them a giving person, it makes you a dictator.

You Lost the Battle, But You’ll Win the War

There will always be ups and downs in the political arena. A bill will pass, and you’ll feel like it’s the end of the world, but it’s not. That bill, that candidate, that policy is only a small battle in the war you and I are constantly fighting.

In the end, Freedom wins out. Look at the USSR, or Communist China. Both have and are falling to Capitalism. They might be able to temporary stop change, but they can’t destroy it.

Don’t Get Depressed, Don’t Give Up

The key to surviving the political worries, fears, and downsides is to stay upbeat. So you lost, big deal. Don’t let it get you down. Pick yourself up and fight it.

Depression and stress only weaken your resolve. Find ways to stay upbeat. The fight for Freedom is never over.

Entitlement is a Crutch

It makes you a dependent, an addict, a slave. In this world, you’re entitled to nothing but justice, private property, and your constitutional rights. It doesn’t matter how brilliant, friendly, or important you think you are. The world doesn’t owe you a piece of toilet paper, much less financial aid.

Remember in 2014…

Yes, keep these truths in your mind throughout the year.

Better yet, try and talk to a friend about one of them. Discuss it in a way that makes sense to them personally. If they agree, then discuss it further. If they don’t, then discuss it further.

2014 is for me, going to be focused on several things (one of those being college). But what’s got me excited the most is how you and I can communicate our beliefs in a way that will win people over.

You’ll definitely hear more from me on that subject. Maybe even a few guest authors if I can round up a few volunteers.

Until then, keep these thoughts in your head, reach out to others, and stand for Freedom.

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