Publish Your Opinions (It’ll Refine Them)

Feedback is critical for growth.

It’s no different in politics.

To articulate your views, you need practice.

What better way to practice then to start a blog (or podcast) and write about your political views?

Through writing you’ll learn how to communicate your views, back them up, and present them properly. You’ll learn how to defend them.

More importantly, you’ll get feedback on the quality of your communication and logic.

That feedback (i.e. criticism) will push you to improve.

It grows you politically.

And we all need that growth. Especially when you first start out.

I get it if starting a blog is scary to you. Writing for everyone is scary. Anyone can see it, critique it. You don’t even know them.

But that’s how the political world works. You’ll be critiqued by random strangers. You’ll have to improve your communication skills. You need to bolster up your views.

It’s all a part of your political journey.

If you need help on your political journey, I’ve written up a guide called “Your Starting Guide to Becoming Politically Informed.” It’ll help you through the main roadblocks of starting out. It’s only $5. You can get it below.

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Keeping it simple and crystal clear, because anything else is useless. I'm here to not only inform you, but to also connect with you. That's what The Political Informer is all about. Feel free to follow me on either Twitter or Google+ Let's talk!

  • John – First please allow me to apologize for how long my comment is.

    My name is Kelley, and I just so happened to discover your website tonight and have been reading through your posts for about an hour and a half now. I just can’t put into words how much I thoroughly applaud and support your narrative.

    We are living in an incredibly uncivil, and grossly intolerant day in age, and I am very worried for the future of our country. I honor and cherish people (like YOU) who are authentically open minded, rational and respectful. You embrace and promote the demonstration of diplomatic code, and that is commendable, and tremendously invaluable.

    Cultural and political discussions can be so dicey to get into, let alone to navigate through, the way people are so quick to slap around rude and arrogant insults, unreasonable arguments, or blatantly smug disrespect for anyone who doesn’t see things the way they do. It is making our country more divided than it has ever been before in history, and I think that your voice of reason could be a major influential game changer that our country desperate needs.

    I see so many people who attack others – and call it “educating” – they point fingers and scream blame, while using the guise of “progressive activism”. People can call it whatever they want, but at the heart of if – it is all vitriol intolerance for differing view points and cultural constructs – and every side of the political spectrum is to be blamed.

    I have come to learn over the years that what makes America so great, is that opposing points of view are allowed to be voiced. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and every party in between all have value and worth to contribute to this beautiful Country of ours.

    Respectful disagreement and the ability to compromise is one of the hallmarks of a democratic and free society. Both republicans and democrats, conservatives, moderates and liberals hold their respective positions in the belief it is best for our country, and the country is always best served when different perspectives are considered when solving a problem and our legislatures are willing to put the needs of he country first instead of their parties, and cooperate with each other in finding solutions.

    If we continue down this path of flat out hating each other for our beliefs, and refuse to even consider that both parties offer solutions, there will be nothing but gridlock as democrats and republicans obstruct each other’s legislation, or reverse each other’s legislation every 4 or 8 years. That does not lead to stability, it leads to stagnation and a loss of our leadership role in the eyes of the world.

    Calling each other names and demonizing our fellow Americans is simply wrong, it adds nothing to a healthy debate on the issues and it further angers and entrenches both sides until compromise is impossible. Just as democrats can’t always have their way, neither can republicans.

    As it stands now, it seems each party would love to see all the members of the other wiped out. That is not democratic. That is not freedom. That is totalitarianism and something we despised communist states for decades. No one party has all the answers, and no one party is always wrong. If we don’t consider that truth, we are doomed.

    So, to sum this all up John, I just had to let you know how very impressed and inspired I am with your personal integrities and conventionalities. Your insight, dexterity and congruity of character is a breath of fresh air are and you have a powerful narrative that is beautifully demonstrated through your impressive gift for writing.

    It is that exact level of fortitude and integrity that has the potential to influence a massive reach – which could prominently produce an insurmountable amount of changes that are so crucially needed. I will most certainly do my part in sharing your website with as many people as I can.

    I know that America can be great again – and it starts with exceptional role-models that YOU are clearly an example of… From the bottom of my heart, I thank you…

    Kelley Mackaig

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