Publish Your Opinions (It’ll Refine Them)

Feedback is critical for growth.

It’s no different in politics.

To articulate your views, you need practice.

What better way to practice then to start a blog (or podcast) and write about your political views?

Through writing you’ll learn how to communicate your views, back them up, and present them properly. You’ll learn how to defend them.

More importantly, you’ll get feedback on the quality of your communication and logic.

That feedback (i.e. criticism) will push you to improve.

It grows you politically.

And we all need that growth. Especially when you first start out.

I get it if starting a blog is scary to you. Writing for everyone is scary. Anyone can see it, critique it. You don’t even know them.

But that’s how the political world works. You’ll be critiqued by random strangers. You’ll have to improve your communication skills. You need to bolster up your views.

It’s all a part of your political journey.

If you need help on your political journey, I’ve written up a guide called “Your Starting Guide to Becoming Politically Informed.” It’ll help you through the main roadblocks of starting out. It’s only $5. You can get it below.

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