The Public School: A Collection of Short Stories

Public School Short Stories

The Beginning…

In the beginning, there was the politician, and the politician was power, and the power was with the politician.

And there were children, being raised by their parents, and their communities. Being taught whatever their parents and the community decided was worth being taught.

Some children were taught at home. Some taught in rooms. Some taught without an instructor.

Science was taught in the woods, near the rivers, and next to trees.

Literature was taught in the library, and outside on grassy fields, and even inside by a warm fire on a cold night.

History was taught by a rocking chair with grandpa. Sometimes, it was taught on field trips, in museums, or on long car rides to the grandparents’ house.

But that wasn’t good enough for the politician. He thought he could do better for not only the children but for society as a whole.

So one day he built a system. A system that would bring enlightenment and knowledge to a disordered world.

He brought together handpicked instructors. He built rooms, hallways, and gymnasiums. He bought chairs, desks, pencils and chalkboards.

And a decree went out among all the communities and regions declaring the new marvel. A beacon of civilization, and a beacon of the politician’s power and wisdom.

And since that day, children have only ever known the politician’s creation. The old days have gone away.

The Stick Up

Public School: “This is a stick up! Hand over your children and no one gets hurt.”

Spoiler: the children die in the end…

A Story of Indoctrination

Teacher: “no Jimmy, intelligent kids don’t think that way, only violent republicans think that way. Here, do it this way. That’s how everyone else does it. And most importantly, that’s how the politician himself would want you to do it.”

A Story of the Proponent

Passerby: “You know the building’s foundation isn’t sturdy, right? It’s bound to fall over at some point and hurt a lot of people.”

Building Occupant: “This is how we’ve been building for years. You want us to change all that? You must be insane!”

Passerby: “But if it collapses it’ll kill people!”

Building Occupant: “Oh please. If there’s a chance that it might fail we’ll just put more beams in there. It’ll be fine.”

A Parent Teacher Meeting

Teacher: “Ok, we’re making a few changes around here that we need to make you all aware of.”

Parent: “Great! It’s about time we managed our resources properly and…”

Teacher: “We’re removing the parents from the decision making.”

Parent: “…Wait, what?”

Teacher: “And we’ll no longer have parent-teacher meetings.”

The Story of Another Brick in the Wall

Teacher: “Wrong, Do it again! If you don’t eat your meat, you can’t have any pudding. How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat? You! Yes, you behind the bike sheds, stand still laddy!”

The Brochure

Parent: “Oh look honey, the brochure says that every child is taught a base curriculum to make sure that every child comes out of school with the same foundation for being successful in the real world. It even says…that every child is treated equally and is taught accordingly.”

Inmate 5983

Prison life isn’t that spectacular. It’s, just prison. You wake up at seven o clock, have breakfast in the cafeteria, then it’s off to whatever duties and jobs you’ve been scheduled for. For me, it’s janitor service from nine to twelve o clock. In the afternoon, it’s keeping up the little library the prison has and then it’s off to shop class.

The security guards are nice, for the most part. Sergeant Douglas can be an ass sometimes, but it’s nothing to complain about.

The food is good, but not great. It’s prison, what do you expect.

Once thing you’ve got to be careful about is the dynamics of prison life. This isn’t one gigantic happy family. The Mexican gang members tend to stick to themselves. Don’t mess with them and you won’t get shanked. There’s the petty offenders who usually keep to themselves. The suckers who got caught using illegal substances are pretty chill. Then you have the big guys. They’re at the top of the food chain. Everyone wants to be them, everyone wants to be on their good side.

…Did I mention we get visitors?

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