How to Bring About the Privatization of Marriage in America

How to Bring About the Privatization of

Gay marriage isn’t the end, it’s only a stepping stone.

A stepping stone toward what?

The privatization of marriage. What else would it be?

Make no mistake, marriage moving toward privatization. The path has been blazed, the milestones are set, and we’ve moved past several of the markers.

A southern state even considered privatizing marriage!

Yes, that’s right, a US state has already pushed legislation to completely rid government of its control over marriage.

Crazy, right?

The emergence of this “movement” has been a long time coming.

It’s gone through some hard times, it had a case of mistaken identity for a while, and was even questioned for its constitutionality.

Luckily, it hasn’t stopped pushing forward.

Forward, toward the total privatization of marriage.

One of the biggest milestones so far was the SCOTUS ruling.

The SCOTUS Ruling & the Marriage Equality Movement

This ruling legalized gay marriage in all 50 states. Any state laws that prohibited gay marriage are effectively null.

SCOTUS’s impending decision was what prompted Alabama to privatize marriage. Think of it like a last ditch effort to avoid SCOTOS’s ruling and wash their hands of having to decide on the matter.

Ingenious (maybe a little cowardly), but a sign of coming change.

Marriage equality has been about fairness under the law, so far.

Now that that battle is won, you’ll start to see a change in direction.

Gays now have equality under the law. They can marry freely now, while enjoying all the benefits (thanks to the government) that marriage has to offer.

But what about other groups who aren’t as lucky?

Polygamous couples, lonely individuals who want to marry their TV or dog, etc; they’ll all be scrambling for their piece of the pie.

The marriage equality movement will soon have to deal with this moral conundrum. They won their legal rights to marry, but they’ve paved the way for other groups to do the same.

Why should gays get it? Why not everyone? Why can’t our group have marriage equality too? Why not us?

These questions will have to be answered.

Some people won’t like answering them.

The bigotry that gay marriage advocates felt will be known by other groups clamoring for their legal rights.

The marriage equality movement will find themselves stuck. Too many groups demanding their share of the pie, and not enough public support to go around.

“We can’t legalize them all. We don’t have enough support for that.”

Eventually, the movement will have to choose. “Do we fight for legalizing every marriage contract? Or, do we just privatize the whole thing, making it easy for everyone and anyone to get married?”

This is a part of what I like to call, The 4 Steps of Marriage Privatization (i.e. ultimate marriage equality).

The 4 Steps of Marriage Privatization

It’s a simple process. Easy to understand, easier to follow.

The starting point is regulation, control, restriction…The end goal is freedom.

Here’s the 4 steps of marriage privatization:

  1. Regulation/control of the marriage industry
  2. Heterosexual marriages legalized (biracial marriages, etc)
  3. Homosexual marriages legalized
  4. The Privatization of marriage

4 steps of marriage privatization

Pretty simple, right?

As you can see, the US is on step 3.

Soon, we’ll be experiencing the middle phase between step 3 and 4.

This phase is what brings privatization to the forefront of the discussion.

This phase is what I like to call, The “What About Me” phrase.

Like I mentioned earlier, other groups will begin to clamor for their “marriage rights.”

This will put moral, social, and legal pressure on the movement.

Remember, this movement has been the status quo for decades. They’ve never had to honestly deal with this moral hiccup.

“Are we going to fight for everyone’s right to marry, or are we going to stop with the homosexuals?”

“How are we going to justify not fighting for their right to marry?”

This phase will welcome in step 4, the privatization of marriage in the US.

By that time, social awareness will be at its peak. Americans will realize the side effects of government ordained marriage.

America is Aware of the Side effects

If we were to be honest with ourselves, America is already aware of those nasty side effects.

Why were gays prohibited from marrying? Because the government controlled who was worthy of such an institution.

Those laws were passed during a different time. The homosexual movement didn’t exist. Homosexuality was largely a hush-hush affair (i.e. don’t ask don’t tell).

Times have changed since then, but the laws haven’t.

The side effects of the government controlling your life can be nasty. Bigotry, alienation, and restriction are all a part of it.

Heck, seeing your loved one in the hospital can be a nightmare if the government doesn’t recognize your legal rights to do so.

equal means equal marriage

Americans realize that the old laws surrounding marriage are outdated.

They’ll soon realize how outdated government control of marriage is.

So here’s the ultimate question. The question that will decide the fate of the whole issue…

Is it still worth the side effects? Is the government’s regulation of marriage worth it?

This question is just one of the few signs of what America is heading toward.

3 Signs America is Heading Toward Ultimate Marriage Equality

So I’ve shown you the 4-step process for marriage equality, but how do I know America will end up there?

Luckily, it’s easy to see.

The signs are there.

You’ve just got to connect it all.

The movement is currently operating like gay marriage is the end goal.

It’s not.

Legalizing gay marriage is a step (like I shown earlier). The end goal is much better.

Think…Like Uber but for marriages.

The end goal is the complete privatization of marriage, and here’s 3 signs America is heading toward that end goal:

  1. The legalization of gay marriage
  2. Alabama’s proposal to privatize marriage
  3. The realization that marriage equality will lead to man-animal marriages

3 Signs America is Heading Toward

I assume you’re wondering why I’m so obsessed with Alabama’s proposed bill.

Well I’ve got a question for you…

Why shouldn’t I?

The very thought that a US state was close to deregulating marriage is a big deal. Like, really big!

Think of it like a sneak peak.

A sneak peak of what’s coming.

So obviously sign 2 is important to the overall picture. But what about sign 1 and 3? Where do they fit in?

Simply put, sign 1 marks the end of a campaign.

The “legalize gay marriage” campaign is over. The only thing left for the movement to do is face the coming “moral hiccup” (that would be sign 3) or find some superficial issue to focus on (religious denial of service).

They’ve already decided to ignore the hiccup by attacking religious bakers.

Because bakers are soooo important to our social fabric as a nation…right?

It’s all just a diversion. A diversion to keep their minds off the “What About Me” people.

But they can’t ignore them forever (as I mentioned above).

In a way, sign 1 and 3 are connected. One can’t exist without the other.

It’s unavoidable…

The Privatization of Marriage is Unavoidable

Yes, it is.

Marriage equality can’t end with the gays.

As some scientists say, nature craves a balance.

By legalizing gay marriage, the canyon has been shortened.

It’s no longer impassible.

Government is no longer restricting marriage to the straight people. It’s opened up the flood gates.

And they won’t be closed.

Marriage Equality Doesn't End with Gay


Alabama might have been dipping their toes in the water, but that was only a dip.

Some states will push themselves into the water, as a means of survival.

“We don’t want to handout gay marriage licenses so we’ll just dismantle the whole thing. Get rid of any accountability.”

This sidestepping of the issue by conservative forces will play a big part in the emergence of privatized marriage.

Soon conservatives will be joined by former marriage equality members who realize the slippery slope they’ve started.

And the movement will change as society changes.

What was once a fight for gay marriage (in the name of love) will be a fight for Freedom For All.

Marriage equality’s ultimate end is separation from a controlling government.

It’s an end that is unavoidable.

It’s an end goal that I will heartily push for in the coming months and years. If you’d like to join me in this push for marriage privatization please signup below.

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