Politicians aren’t that Cool, So Please stop Fangirling over Them

pumped crowd

Election seasons are where political groupies come out in droves.

They flock to their respective political candidate. Their day jobs entail building up elaborate character bios on why their candidate is better than “the other guy.” They build up their defenses, making sure to always throw more dung than the enemy can return.

Political groupies are the worst.

And they’re counter-productive.

“Rubio is a RHINO!” the Cruz groupies proclaim.

“Cruz is a liar!” the Rubio fangirls shout.

“You’re all cuckservatives!” the Trumpites shout from their battlements.

Let’s be honest here: Cruz and Rubio aren’t that different. And Trump…well, he’s a fascist (and a full throttle douche canoe).

But as long as you’re not pro-Trump, it shouldn’t matter which candidate you back, as long as they can beat Trump in the primaries.

The hilariousness of these Cruz and Rubio groupies is the lack of diversity between the two candidates. But then again, that’s how it is with most politicians.

Even Rand isn’t worthy of fangirling.

Not because he’s not a good choice for office, but because fangirling is a waste of time.

Politics is an arena full of traps. One of those traps is “the groupie trap.”

Groupies are polarizing. They’re loyal, too loyal. They get emotional about their candidate. They end up focusing on politicians, not ideas or outreach.

All of these things pervert your judgment.

Rubio is no savor of America. In fact, he probably won’t do much to make America better.

Cruz isn’t some unique political figure.

Trump…is just a master of persuasion (he’s conning America).

You should always try your best to be emotionally separate from candidates. Analyze their platform, know what they stand for. But don’t assume they’re this super-amazing-awesome-patriotic-politician.

They’re not.

Politicians aren’t unique.

They’re all just variations of the same mold.

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