Podcast Guest On The Stephen Perkins Program & American Crossroads

I’ve been busy these two weeks, not only with moving to Washington DC (officially moved in by the way), but I’ve also been on two podcasts the past week.

So…if you’d like a break from all the writing, here’s some audio for your day.


Stephen Perkins is starting up his podcast again. He had me on to talk about culture wars, effective messaging, and how the conservative movement can get away from their failing messaging strategy.

Great discussion with Perkins on the all around ineffective and negative messaging coming from the right. Give it a listen and be sure to follow his podcast.

SPP: Episode 28 – John-Pierre Maeli on How Conservatives Can Influence Culture



Today, I went on the American Crossroads Podcast to talk with Conrade Close, Natalie Fraehlich, and Bethany Bowra to talk about Christianity’s role in the political arena, the transgender debate, do Muslims deserve freedom of religion, and much more.

Loved the discussion. There was both agreement and some debate throughout it all. Give it a listen and follow American Crossroads, and the rest of those on the podcast.

ACR#7: John Pierre Maeli and Bethany Bowra Debate How the Church Should Relate to Politics

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