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my views on abortion

Last week, I wrote about the horrible arguments that are made in the pro-life movement. Arguments that only push people away.

After that article, I felt it was only appropriate that I outlined my own views on abortion.

They’re not that crazy, I promise. But that doesn’t mean I’ve figured out everything. I’m still on the fence for a few things, mostly policy.

One thing I would like to make clear is that I’m no zealot. I’m not militant and I open to hearing new ideas on the topic.

I have friends that are pro-choice, pro-life, and abolitionists. I respect them all, and I respect why they hold to their views.

I disagree with them on different aspects of the abortion issue, but we’re able to have civilized conversations.

I hope I can have the same with you.

Anyway, here’s my own views on abortion…

Why Am I Against Abortion?

I bet you think I’m going to come at it from the whole “Christian” point of things. Sanctity of life, God, the Bible, and all that jazz.

Well, you’d be right, but only partially…

See, my pro-life views are taken from several different sources. There’s my Christian faith, there’s the Non-Aggression Principle, and there’s some logical assumptions thrown in.

Let me elaborate a little bit…

  • My Christian Faith: despite the numerous verses that point to a pro-life view, I can’t analyze God’s commandments, Jesus’s teaching, and the Bible in general and honestly say that God would be “fine” with abortion. There’s also the whole “thou shall not kill” commandment, not to mention all the emphasis the Bible places on children. (verses for example: Genesis 25:21-22; Psalm 22:10-11; Psalm 139:13,15; Psalm 127:3; Hosea 12:3)
  • Non-Aggression Principle: this goes back to violating someone’s life and restraining from violence. If a fetus is considered a human inside of the womb then abortion is a violation of its life. It also throws out the whole argument that the fetus is “owned” (for lack of a better word) by the mother. Owning another human being is a violation of the NAP. You could get into the whole issue of consent in regards to motherhood, but I’ll refrain for now.
  • Logical Assumptions: taking into account the interworking of the fetus, defining what a human being is, and other factors, it’s difficult for me to believe that you’re not a human being until you leave the mother’s womb.

Am I for Prohibiting it?

This is a decision I’ve been struggling with over the past year. I’m against abortion, I think it’s a violation of the right to life. But I still haven’t decided whether I would support actively prohibiting it.

You probably know that I’m no fan of the government prohibition, but this is a person’s life we’re talking about. I think that constitutes a legitimate time for prohibition.

One reason why I’m hesitant is because I feel there’s a better way to deal with the issue of abortion. But that’s for later on…

What About Private Avenues?

What do I mean by “private avenues?”

I mean private efforts to deal with abortion. One example is cutting all government funding for abortion. The government has as much obligation to fund abortion as they do to fund religious groups.

“But abortion is a healthcare issue. Some people can’t afford it.”

Ever heard of charities? That’s a legitimate response to the issue of abortion.

Get the government out of the abortion industry. Make it private. Stop using tax dollars to fund a practice that many Americans don’t support.

How will Abortion be Stopped?

Legislation is great at stopping the symptom. It, however, doesn’t address the root of the problem.

Abortion can’t be solved with a few bills. Congress and the president can’t fix the issue. The government can’t make this right.

Only social change can make it right.

You have to address the heart of the matter. Abortion is the result of a particular mindset.

That mindset needs to change if we’re ever going to stop abortion.

Then again, abortion may never be totally stopped. Prohibition tends to create a secret industry; scurrying away like a cockroach from its inevitable end.

That’s why evangelism (whether religious or secular) is the key to stopping abortion.

Don’t rely on the bureaucrats to get things done. Do it yourself. Make a difference yourself.

I guess that sums up my views on abortion…make a difference, yourself.

If you have any questions about my personal views on abortion please leave a comment below. Or, if you’re an Informer, you can reply to the email.
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