On Cultural Change: Don’t Be a Conservative

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Social change has been a topic of focus these past few months.

The reasoning being, I’ve noticed how powerful social change is, and how difficult it is to stop. Society changes, our standards move, our ideas morph.

This change is a tricky subject. Not because it’s complicated, but because it requires people to move past their biases to accept reality.

Reality being this: culture is subjective, adolescent, and a result of a myriad of influences, beliefs, and experiences.

What you believe now, what your culture cherishes is nothing sacred. The past five mutations of culture thought they were special. They thought their worldview was unique and “the best humanity had to offer.”the reality of culture the political informer

Culture is given too much credit.

You can thank cognitive dissonance for that. Everyone thinks their view of reality is the right one (or the special one).

Culture is subjective and ever changing. But it’s also difficult to influence and change. Many groups (cough conservatives cough) think they’re protecting culture when all they’re doing is reacting to a morphing culture.

Christians and conservatives have reacted to a morphing culture for the past century. Whether it was the sexual revolution, feminism, or political shifts, the right has opted to fight, not influence culture.

For many on the right, it’s a literal conservation. “Defend our culture, our traditions, how it used to be.”

They’ve taken “conservative” to heart. And it’s detached and trivialized them from society.

Conservation isn’t effective. You’re always fighting against something, not fighting for something. You’re pushing against, instead of pushing for something.

I want to push for something. I want to influence and change culture. I want to lead, not follow social change.

It’s why I’ve come to accept the subjectivity and unstableness of culture. Change is more important than conserving traditions that have only existed for a few decades at most. Your traditions aren’t special, and they’ll soon be forgotten, or at best turned into a footnote in history.

Recognize the reality of change. Then, create a plan for getting ahead of the cycle.

If you never get ahead of the cycle, you’ll end up like the conservative right. Mocked, ignored, and out of touch.

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  • kopeck

    I would somewhat disagree here in the following sense :
    you accept current conservatists behaviour as … well conservatism.

    early generation of conservatives were more ambitious. I forgot which one said ‘make it new’.
    a conservative should always curate and bring forward knowledge and tradition.

    The issue is that conservatives have very little cultural influence now in intellectual circles.

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