Is Obamacare the Worst Marketing Failure Ever?

Is Obamacare the worst Marketing Failure EverIt’s no secret that the Obamacare website was (and still is) a massive failure. I think you can agree that two highschool nerds could’ve built a better site.

But what caused the whole thing to go under in a heap of smoke?

If you take away all the botches, mess-ups, and terrible time management and just focus on the marketing side of it what do you get?

Point 1: Obamacare was marketed the heck out of. Obama, his underlings, Senators and the media all put their stamp of approval on it. They all professed their love for it.

Ads were even run for it. And they’re still running.

Point 2: The website wasn’t designed to handle high volumes of traffic.

[] was built to accommodate 50,000 to 60,000 visitors at a time — fewer than half as many as the enrollment site for the Medicare drug benefit could handle.

Do you see it now? Too much marketing; not enough preparedness.

Usually when you market a product or service you prepare for whatever response you’re expecting to get.

This is especially true when you have an idea of how much traffic you could receive. They had an idea of potential site traffic by looking at the Medicare drug benefit enrollment site. But they didn’t take that into account.

Everyone was pounding the table about how great Obamacare was going to be.

“Go straight to to see how much you save on health insurance. Do it now!”

But when you visited the site it failed. It failed horribly.

Too much marketing, not enough preparedness.

It’s that simple.

What do you think? Is the catastrophe due to hyped up marketing and little preparation? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Sean Murray

Sadly, Google+ would not allow me to embed Sean’s original post so this screenshot will have to do (sorry man). However, if you want to read the original post you can click here (be sure to add him to your circle!).

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