Forced Charity: How The Obamacare Fine Makes You A “Giving” Person

Obamacare Forces You to be Generous“Obamacare makes me a generous person? How in the world does that work?”

For a minute, stop thinking about the Obamacare fine as just that; a fine.

Think on the lines of a redistribution of wealth. Why do politicians love this technique?

Rich people are greedy, they’re selfish. If it were up to them they wouldn’t give a dime of their money to the poor.

The reason your politician loves redistributing the wealth is because of the idea behind it.

It forces rich people to give a percentage of their wealth to the poor (remember, rich people are greedy).

In even simple terms it’s forced charity; government charity that is.

Switch Gears to Obamacare

Why do you get fined? Because you refused to buy healthcare insurance.

Why is it important to buy healthcare insurance?

Healthcare insurance only works when everyone’s on it. You’ve got 90% of insured participants supporting the remaining 10%.

What if You Don’t Want to Pay?

This is where you start to see the cracks in the system.

You might not feel the need to buy a health insurance plan. You’re young, fit; why buy something you don’t need?

But the Government can’t have that. They need your money to pay for the 10%’s medical bills.

What are they going to do?

This is where the fine comes in. Instead of recognizing your right to choose, they smack your hand with a fine.

You’re Greedy and Selfish

You can’t be relied on to be “generous” on your own free will. The Government needs to force you to be generous.

Someone needs to help pay for other people’s medical bills. You’re young and fit; thanks for the charity.

Just like the rich, you too are rich

You’re rich in health

And the government knows it. They also know paying for health insurance you won’t use isn’t logical.

But the government knows best; in their eyes you’re being greedy.

Enter the Redistribution of Health

Distribution of Wealth

This is what the fine is all about. Redistributing your health (in terms of money) to those who don’t have enough.

You’ve got too much. They’ve got too few. The government will fix that.

It’s Forced Charity

People are in need. Too many Americans aren’t covered. Yet, there are many Americans who are enjoying healthy lives. This isn’t fair.

Switch a few words around and you’ve got the same argument for raising taxes on the rich. They’re both the same. The rich aren’t charitable; fit Americans won’t help those who are failing in health.

You’ve got to make them pay. They’ve got to support the system.


Big Brother thinks it’s his job to make sure you’re being generous. He’s wrong.

Big Brother thinks that forcing you to give a percentage of your wealth to others is charity. It’s not.

This fine is a nudge, a push, a shove. It’s Big Brother asserting himself in your life where he doesn’t belong.

This is Big Brother welcoming himself into your home, sitting on your sofa and saying, “I’m here to help.”

What do you think about the Obamacare fine? Is it really forced charity? Is the government redistributing your health?
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