I Read an Obama Article in the Huffington Post, Just for You

I read an Obama article

I did something I rarely do.

I took the time to read an article in the Huffington Post, written by our very own president.

It was an eye opener, to say the least.

Why in the world would I read such an article? Well, for one, I was bored. Secondly, I follow the White House on Google+ (mostly for kicks). And Thirdly, I did it to outline a few things for you.

Outline what exactly?

Outline the techniques that Obama uses on a daily basis to convince you (and other Americans) to support his policies.

Like any good politician, Obama doesn’t use facts to win you over. He uses something more effective than facts. Take the article I read for example.

The whole article was a smashup of emotional visuals, sappy stories, idealized rhetoric, and government action.

Here’s what I mean…

Emotional Visuals

Sick kids, needy families, no time off, pregnant women forced to quit. The pictures of helpless Americans working jobs with no benefits was plastered all over his article. Like here…

Parents who work full-time should earn enough to pay the bills and go to work every day knowing that their kids are in good hands. Workers who give their all should know that if they need some flexibility, they can have it — because their employers understand that it’s hard to be productive when you’ve got a sick kid at home or a childcare crisis.

It’s meant to grab at your feelings. You’re supposed to read this and feel sympathy toward their cause. That sympathy wouldn’t be bad if Obama wasn’t trying to convert it into government action.

Sappy Stories

No bureaucratic article is complete without a sad story to get you feeling bad for people in these situations. Take this sentence from Obama’s article…

I recently got a letter from a woman in Minnesota whose kids’ preschool is so expensive it costs more every month than her mortgage.

Sure you did, Obama. But, let’s face it, every time a politician brings a “letter they got” I look the other way. Every politician does it. It’s a political ploy.

A sappy story to grab at your emotions.

Idealized Rhetoric

Phrases like, family-friendly workplace benefits “shouldn’t be bonuses — they should be the bottom line,” and “too many pregnant workers are forced to choose between their health and their job,” aren’t based in truth.

The fact is, they are bonuses. Companies have no obligation to give you benefits for working there. Many companies do, but it’s because they see the value of it.

Sometimes you do have to choose between your work and your family. Sometimes, the hard decisions have to be made. Will you sacrifice your job or your health? It’s called making hard decisions.

The government’s job isn’t to be your cushion in life. (click to tweet)

Government Action

The government needs to step in and fix this injustice. Obama should have said that in his article, instead of throwing in little hints like this one…

All Americans should get to benefit from these policies. That’s why we need to see some action here in Washington.

And this one…

And to help parents trying to get ahead, I’m directing my Secretary of Labor to invest $25 million in helping people who want to enroll in job-training programs, but don’t currently have access to the childcare they need to do it.

And, finally this one…

Today, I’ll sign a Presidential Memorandum directing every agency in the federal government to expand access to flexible work schedules, and giving employees the right to request them. [emphasis added]

Bills, executive orders, agencies… don’t you just love bureaucracies?


Obama’s recent article in the Huffington Post is a picture. A picture of the prevailing mindset in America.

If people are suffering materially it’s the government’s job to help them.

You don’t have maternity leave? The government will pass a law.

But guess what? You and I can change that mindset. It’ll take some time, but Progressives didn’t change this country in a decade.

They changed it in a century.

And, they did it by an individual on individual basis. They connected, crafted their message, and built relationships.

That’s what you and I have to do. More on this later.

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