Here’s Why Obama’s Decision to Hide His Visitor Logs is not Grounded

White House Visitor Logs Hidden

[Source: Associated Press]

Ever since Obama got into office in January of 2009 you’ve heard about his unique (and sometimes questionable) visitors.

The White House visitor logs have always been a valuable source for checking up on Obama and his shady dealings, but now it seems that’s been lost.

A federal appeals court ruled Friday that White House visitor logs for the president and most of his staff are not public information subject to disclosure requirements of the Freedom of Information Act. [Emphasis added]

This decision was made after Judicial Watch, a conservative watch-dog group, sued the Secret Service for all White House visitor logs from Obama’s first seven months in office.

What was the court’s reason for its decision?

It all came down to Obama’s ability to confidentially meet with “foreign leaders, agency officials, or members of the public.”

What the…?

Confidentially? Doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of the Freedom of Information Act?

Yes it does (not to mention skewer Obama’s campaign promise of “transparency”)

The chief judge on the appeals court was worried that allowing the term “agency records” to apply to the White House could present “serious congressional intrusion into the conduct of the president’s daily operations.”

Notice the word “conduct” there.

Don’t you love how the judge makes it sound like Obama’s conduct has nothing to do with why Judicial Watch sued in the first place?

“Conduct” is the whole reason why the Freedom of Information Act was created; to keep the government accountable for their actions.

Conduct has everything to do with the FOIA. But now you’re told it’s not.

This is what happens when politicians accumulate too much power; they start deciding which laws to ignore and obey.

Obama is accountable to the American people, therefore you and I have a right to know what he does on a daily basis.

Saying he needs his privacy is a joke. Obama’s the president; he doesn’t have any privacy. Let’s stop fooling ourselves that he does.

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