5 Reasons Why Obama Should’ve Stopped the Media from Photographing His Official White House Duties Earlier

obama press conferenceThese days, media coverage is so overrated. Scratch that. It’s a hassle!

Having to notify each media network about each specific public appearance of event is such drudgery. In fact, it’s unproductive.

Why not just have your own media team cover all these events? That way, you get what you want.

You want this event to be reported on from a particular perspective? Your media team can do that! You want the photographers to take pictures of you from a certain angle? They can do that too! How about deciding which events get covered or not? Yep, they’ve got you covered.

The fact is, the president can’t be bothered with every little photographer and journalist. They’re annoying, demanding, and always looking for the truth.

That’s why the president has been barring journalists from photographing or videotaping him at certain White House events.

And you know what? I’m here to tell you that he should’ve done it earlier.

Why in the world would I say that? Well, check it out for yourself…

1. It Saves His PR Team the Trouble

Can you imagine the news stories and press reports these guys have to sift through and “correct”? Obama said something. Obama did something. And now it’s turned into another public relations nightmare.

But that all gets fixed. No more irritating video recorders that catch everything. No more photographers that capture every little evil look or death stare.

You can be sure that Obama’s PR team is going to enjoy some days off in the coming weeks…

2. No More Embarrassing Photos

Where do you think all those pictures of Obama starring down Senators, or smiling in a Joker-like fashion come from? They come from those journalists that were in the right place at the right time.

Obama can’t have these images spreading through the web. It’s uncouth. Not to mention it hurts diplomatic relations when he gets photographed shaking hands with that shady individual.

3. He Controls the Flow

Nothing says control like deciding which White House event to cover or publicize to the public. What if a particular event is “sensitive?” That’s easy! Just keep the media out of it and presto, you’re covered.

The key to having a good approval rating is to control how much the public knows about your activities. Obama’s got this down perfectly.

4. It’s Useful for Propaganda Purposes

This is strait from the dictator handbook. You control the media, you control public opinion. Which, I might add, is extremely helpful for Obama.

He can publicize any White House event however he sees fit. He can change public opinion, keep certain incidents under the rug, and pat himself on the back. Blocking media photographers gives him the freedom to do, and say whatever he wants.

5. It Gets Rid of that Whole “Freedom of Press” Thing

The Constitution is so outdated it ridiculous. No president can do anything productive with the restraints placed on him by that document. Come on, the times, they are a changin’.

Freedom of the Press is outdated. The president should be able to choose which stories get published, and which events he gets photographed. It’s his event, why not (he’s the president)?

The fact is, Obama can’t do the job the American people elected him to do with the media breathing down his neck. He needs to be able to control what is said about him.

He Should’ve Done This Earlier

Come on people, don’t you think this would’ve helped Obama in his first term (or even last year)?

Obama has the power to do this, so he might as well get it over with. And guess what? Since he’s the best president that ever lived (and black) he’ll have no trouble convincing the media of how good this new change is.

As Josh Earnest pointed out in a White House Press Briefing…

There are certain circumstances where it is simply not feasible to have independent journalists in the room when the president is making decisions. So rather than close that off to the American public, we are giving the American people even greater access to behind the scenes footage or photographs of the president doing his job. I understand why that is a source of some consternation in this room. But to the American public, this is a clear win.

See! It’s true. This new change is no worry to you or me. In fact, it’s a “clear win.”

Regardless of how Obama’s intends to use this (or abuse it), you’ll have the security that Obama is doing what’s best for you him.

And that’s really all you can ask for as slaves to an ever increasing bureaucratic government


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