Surveillance and Peeping Toms: The Failure of “Safeguards”

Peeping Toms and the NSA

Before you get into the meat of this article, ask yourself this.

How does Congress expect you to have faith in the NSA when there are so many instances of internal abuse?

Already a dozen NSA employees have misused intelligence gathering systems to spy on their family members. Yet Congressmen like Lindsey Graham and Harry Reid are wholly supportive of the NSA’s mission (and power).

Looks like Graham and Reid need to pay closer attention to the NSA. Those “safeguards” they said were in place are obviously not working.

The Problem is not the Violations of the Law, but the Law Itself

Jameel Jaffer, deputy legal director at the American Civil Liberties Union, makes a good point about the laws surrounding the NSA’s actions…

If you only focus on instances in which the NSA violated those laws, you’re missing the forest for the trees. The bigger concern is not with willful violations of the law but rather with what the law itself allows.

The fact is, there’s still very little information about the NSA that you and I know.

If a dozen NSA employees can get away with abusing the system for years how sure are you that these “safeguards” actually work (or exist)?

Peeping Toms Were Able to Collect Phone and Email

In one case, a civilian employee probed several email addresses and phone numbers of his past lovers.

Another military individual used agency tools to spy on his girlfriend the first day he got access to the NSA’s surveillance system.

One man in particular used it productively for five years (from 1998 to 2003).

This is Only the Tip of the Iceberg

If one man was able to abuse NSA databases for five years before getting caught then there’s a strong possibility that more have done it.

You can’t tell me only twelve people have abused the system in the past 15 years. It’s not realistic.

Politicians are Turning a Blind Eye

To properly defend the NSA, Congress is going to have to ignore what’s happening.

It’s too much of an embarrassment to do otherwise.

Lindsey Graham didn’t find a problem with the government collecting massive amounts of data when the story first broke.

Why would he care about a few peeping toms using it for their own agendas?

He wouldn’t. It pokes a hole in his defense.

Red Tape wont help NSA abuse of power

No Amount of Safety Measures Will Work

This is one of those situations where no matter how thick your dam is water’s still going to get through.

The ship’s going to sink no matter how what you do. It’s just the nature of these types of agencies. There’s too much power in the hands of too few. An extremely secretive few to be exact.

Bureaucrats can pass as much red tape as they want, but they’ll never fix the problem. Click to Tweet

You wouldn’t tell a fat man that he couldn’t eat the cake, coke cola, and frosted flakes in his kitchen and then leave. Gee… I hope he doesn’t eat them while you’re gone. You know…. since they’re right there in front of him.

No. You would cleanse his house of every ounce of junk food, replace it with some healthy cardboard food, and make him exercise like his life depended on it. Oh wait… it does.

Big Brother Needs A Diet

That’s the only “safeguard” that will cure this humorous abuse of power.

Spy on your ex-girlfriend? Well we need to pass a regulation that forbids you from doing that.

No. You need to stop giving people access to surveillance data. In fact, stop the surveillance in general. Throw out the cake, because it ain’t working.

Big Brother’s so fat it’d be amusing, if it weren’t for the fact that he’s sitting on you…squishing you to death.


Bureaucratic red tape won’t solve the power abuse. A rule against using company resources to spy on your foreign lover isn’t going to stop what employees are already doing.

You’re giving tremendous power to human beings; who by the way, are a naughty group of people. You’re just asking for trouble.

And man did you get it.

What do you think? Is putting Big Brother on a diet the only way to stop this type of abuse of power?
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