Nothing Is Sacred

Nothing is sacred.sacred cow

Not your beliefs. Not your policies. Not your outlook.

Nothing is off limits. Nothing is free from criticism, skepticism, or questioning.

Or at least, nothing should be off limits.

When you’re offended that someone could say such a thing about [fill in the blank], you’ve given away what’s sacred to you.

Don’t critique the police. They protect us and keep the peace. How dare you say they’re corrupt, inefficient, or racist.

Don’t critique racial movements. They’re oppressed and treated unfairly. How dare you say they’re violent, confrontational, or making it worse.

It goes for all beliefs.

I don’t care if it’s your religion, worldview, policies, or movement. Nothing is sacred, and nothing should be exempt from questioning.

If we can’t question the actions of our police force, how can we fix the distrust between them and black Americans?

Sacred cows are a disease that kill off constructive criticism and discussion. They hold back progress and unity.

How dare you say I can’t criticize them.

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