Multiculturalism VS Xenophobia: 2 Extremes of the Same Issue

two sides of the same coin

We’ve been dealing with the issue of multiculturalism for a while now.

But recently, the issue of xenophobia has made its way onto the national stage.

Trump and the Syrian refugee crisis are partially to blame for this emergence.

The Syrian refugee crisis has awakened a fear that many Americans have. A fear that’s taken root in the past. But steadily growing over the past decade and a half. Fueled by 9/11, and each consecutively new terror attack.

Trump, being the master of persuasion that he is, has played on these fears.

While Trump pushes xenophobia, the left is pushing multiculturalism. It’s their answer to the immigration problem.

And like all good political issues, both sides react to each other’s extreme policies. Each side claiming moral superiority over the other. When in fact, they’re both one side of the same coin.

And both sides of this coin are dangerous to a nation of our size and diversity.

Why is Multiculturalism & Xenophobia Dangerous for America’s Size & Diversity?Focus on the individual The Political Informer

Multiculturalism is when different cultures are promoted or accepted in one nation. Usually exhibited by conserving cultural diversity, and addressing different cultural and racial groups by the authorities.

Multiculturalism isn’t a melting pot. These groups aren’t encouraged to assimilate into one large diverse culture. It’s more of a mosaic, where you have different pieces making up the whole. The smaller pieces are still plain to see.

Xenophobia is the deep seated fear of foreigners and other nations. Where a cultural melting pot incorporates many groups into one super diverse group, xenophobia aims for group purity. Think of purifying a particular metal, expunging foreign metals. That’s what xenophobia is, and usually aims for.

For America, a nation of extreme diversity, both sides can wreak havoc. They both create racial, religious, and political strife by hyper focusing on the diversity.

Look at the levels of racial strife we’re experiencing right now.

Multiculturalism is promoting the idea that each mini culture should keep its “sovereignty.” The authorities and pundits increasingly address national issues accordingly to which group is affected the most. These groups are encouraged to build their own communities; allowing themselves to avoid assimilation.

Xenophobia promotes the idea that the dominant culture should remain pure. It’s fearful of growing minorities and the reduction of its own base (white, Christian, etc). It sees its prosperity threatened by outside cultures and groups. Diversity is a threat. It too encourages groups to separate and create their own conclaves.

Both sides fight against each other, as well as their own perceived enemies. Which in turn, creates more dissension, distrust, and fear in America.

Focusing on Racial/Ethnic/Religious/Political Divides Over the Individual

This is what happens when you hyper focus on groups in a diverse nation.

For the multiculturalist, the group that happens to be at the top of the underprivileged food chain gets all the focus. And this food chain changes constantly. This food chain system encourages these groups to assume a victim status. Which is used to garner support and special treatment.

For the xenophobe, they overestimate the importance of the dominant group. Every new group is a threat to the dominant culture. They underplay the struggles of minorities because of what they see as an attack on the majority. As a result, they isolate themselves from other groups, creating distrust and infighting.

Neither group appreciates the individual.

The multiculturalists view new minorities as victims. Xenophobes views them as threats.

The individual is lost in the masses.

smallest individual is the minority Ayn Rand The Political Informer

Why Focus on the Individual? (The Alternative)

The individual is the most important component in any society and nation. As Ayn Rand said, the individual is the smallest minority.

By focusing on the individual, you avoid group strife. You can address individuals concerns and struggles without applying it across an entire race, religion, or political group.

Also, focusing on the individual recognizes the diversity inside each group. No matter the race, religion, or political group, you’ll have poor, rich, educated, uneducated, etc.

By focusing on the individual you can address the concerns of those individuals in each group. All without creating victims or attacking whole groups.

America is too diverse to focus on minorities and groups. Focus on the individual and you’ll end up helping everyone.


This nation was built on Freedom.

Persecuted religious groups were welcomed. Individuals from poorer nations looking for a better life were welcomed. Victims of plague, oppression, and strife were welcomed.

America is a nation of different ethnicity, races, religions, political groups, and individuals.

Multiculturalism threatens that by elevating the group over the individual. It states that individuals should isolate themselves inside their respective racial/ethnic/religious/political enclaves.

Multiculturalism is a hyper focus on diversity, to the point of isolation.

Xenophobia hyper focuses on diversity as well. Pushing loudly for isolation.

Both sides deny the importance of the individual, opting for the power of the group.

Both are divisive. Both encourage strife and separation.

Both go against the makeup of America.

If you’re for the individual, you should push away the poisoning of either side.

What do you think? Is multiculturalism dangerous? Is xenophobia a big problem in American, today? How do we deal with both sides?

Leave your answer and opinions in the comments below.

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