Millions of Dollars are Accidentally Ending up in the Hands of Terrorists in Afghanistan

money flowing

Taxes are annoying…

High taxes are infuriating…

But when your taxes are used to fund terrorist groups…..

“What in the name of everything righteous???

I would guess that’s your general response when you hear that your hard earned dollars are being used to fund terrorist organizations (sometimes your expression even has a few choice words in it). It’s ridiculous and embarrassing.

But that’s exactly what’s happening over in Afghanistan… only it’s by accident.

The U.S. government may accidentally be funneling millions of dollars to the very terrorists and insurgents it’s fighting in Afghanistan through sloppy contracting regulations, according to a new government report.

Wait, what?

Insurgents are receiving millions of dollars because some bureaucrat did a sloppy job writing up regulations?

That’s just insane, don’t you think? Not to mention incompetent.

But what’s really ironic is that these sloppy regulations are in a bill that was designed to keep money out of the hands of terrorists!

…Section 841, part of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act that describes how the U.S. government is supposed to identify individuals or companies with suspected ties to insurgents, confirm that information, pass it along to the head of the contracting activity, then to the primary contractor and finally to the targeted subcontractors whose business deals would then be voided or restricted based on guidance from higher up.

…Section 841 was part of a “variety of efforts” undertaken by the government to keep American contracting money out of terrorists’ hands in the wake of incidents like the $2.16 billion Host Nation Trucking contract.

Well is that just sad or what?

Bureaucrats try to keep “contracting money” out of the hands of terrorists (for good reason), yet, end up making loop holes that allow such money to flow into the hands of insurgents.

And politicians wonder why Americans like you and me don’t want the government to intervene in our personal lives. They can’t even get their own affairs in order.

This, my friends, is just another great example (out of a myriad instances) of why a bloated government is not only ineffective, but also dangerous to it’s own people.

Letting tax dollars flow into the hands of terrorists is definitely dangerous. Don’t you say?

Any thoughts on the ridiculousness of it all? Leave them in the comments below.

~ God bless….

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