Nannyism at its Dumbest: Massachusetts Town Bans a Favorite Pastime

Marblehead docks overcrowded

Photo Credit: The Blaze

[Source: The Blaze]

Government protectionism is frustrating, but what if it affected one of your favorite pastimes?

And I’m not talking about making the process harder… what if they flat out banned it?

That’s what happened in Marblehead, Massachusetts. Town officials decided to close the docks to any fishing, after noticing the massive amount of people who came out to fish regularly.

Harbormaster, Webb Russell, said “The volume of people fishing down the gangway here, side-by-side… was a little bit out of control.” And according to CBS Boston, most of the fishers were from outside of Marblehead, many of whom were from the Cambodian community.

Some people have wondered whether the ban has racial connections, but the allegations were quickly dismissed.

Government nannyism stems from the practice of protecting people from themselves. Marblehead’s fishing ban is a great example of that.

Overcrowded anything screams “risk of danger” to even the most negligent mother. To nannyists, it’s a safety hazard. People could bump into each other and fall into the water, or they could hit their head and receive serious injuries.

They’re obviously concerned about their town’s safety, so banning fishing on any public pier is the logical step to take (in their minds).

And guess what? If you want to fish on the dock that bad you can always rake up $500 to be considered a “commercial interest.”

It’s not that bad…

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