Do Something So Great It’ll Make Your Mom Proud

Do Something Great

We all want to impress our moms.

I mean, come on, it’s your mom we’re talking. And as long as you weren’t raised in some horrible family, there’s a good bet you love your mom.

She raised you. She fed you. She yelled at you when you were acting like a retard (which happened a lot). She even protected you against those drop dead crazy girls in high-school… you know what I’m talking about.

She’s always been there for you.

Heck, she even educated you on how to think logically, act properly, and explore the world. Again, this is assuming you had the blessing of being raised in a loving family, which I’m sure you did. But even if you didn’t, you still understand the how important a mother can be to your growth as a young boy into a young man.

Thankfully, God gave me such a mother.

I mean, both of my parents are pretty darn awesome, but today, I’m going to focus on my mom. Tomorrow’s her birthday… I’m away at college… the best I can do is write this sucker up and…..


That’s really all I want to do.

Ok, let me clarify. I want to honor the gifts God gave, I want to use said gifts in a way that will change people’s lives, and, I want to impress my mom in the end.


Because, unlike a lot of kids my age, I recognize what my mom went (and is going) through to raise me up in a Godly, self-sufficient and principled young man. Personally, I think she’s been doing a mighty fine job.

I look at a lot of what I’ve become as a result of how my mom raised me.

Homeschooling, the freedom to play outside, long talks in the kitchen, toys that encouraged me to use my imagination, and supporting my passions and talents. Those are just a few of the things that I’m sure helped me get to where I am now.

My mom built a foundation in me that has eventually brought me to where I am now. It’s given me the ability and freedom to be open minded, self-learn, be out going (to a degree), and write weekly articles for you.

When I first became interested in politics, she supported me.

When I started exploring my writing ability, she supported me.

When I got into pickles and tricky situations, she helped me through them.

She didn’t coddle me, shelter me, or sugar coat the issue to me. If my plan was stupid, she told me. If it needed improvement, she gave me ideas. If it was awesome, she told me to run with it.

I want to impress my mom, because my mom is largely responsible for who I am today.

Do Something Great!

Change the way society views a particular issue. Start an orphanage. Volunteer at an election campaign. Start a website. Be a traveling photographer. Run for office. Or even take the time to meet one random stranger on the side of the road.

Whatever greatness looks like to you, do it! (Click to Tweet)

If you’re unsure what your “greatness” is, all you have to do is listen to that voice in your head that freaks out whenever you contemplate your future.

What do you dream of being or doing? What’s the best possible scenario for your life?

On the other hand, what are your fears when you think about the future? Afraid you’ll miss out, be left behind, live a normal life, not affect anyone else’s lives?

Your hopes, dreams and fears about the future will tell you a lot about what your greatness is. Plus, it never hurts to talk to God, a family member, or a mentor.

Do it For Your Mom!

Do something so great that’ll it make your mom proud.

Pretty simple right?

Your mom gave birth to you, raised you, put up with your rampant dyslexia, ADD, and luck for breaking bones, and now has to see whether her investment will pay off. You owe her. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to make your mom proud to the point of tears (of joy).

Change someone’s life in a way that will make your mom proudly state, “that’s my boy.” (Click to Tweet)

Can you imagine how sweat that would be? I mean, there’d be a lot of crying, but it’s your mom. They love crying when it’s their son or daughter who’s done something great.


I don’t know what your greatness is. I don’t even know if your mom is anything like mine. Heck, I don’t even know if you have a mother in your life.

But no matter how it went (and goes) for you, always strive for that goal at the end of the tunnel.

Or at the top of the hill…

Or at the bottom of the hole you’ve been digging for the past twenty-three years, searching for gold.

The gold is there, it’s just a matter of how you’re going to dig to get it. (Click to Tweet)

Are you going to make your mom proud of you? Are you going to strive for greatness, however that looks for you?

Are you going to be the man your mom would want to see you become? Who knows, maybe you’re already that man. Maybe you’ve already reached part of that greatness you’ve been striving for. My challenge to you then would be… keep striving. Keep it up.

Never be complacent.

Never stop short of your goal.

Never give up.

Never let them talk you down from reaching for the sky.

And most importantly, never let your mom down.

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