Myth: 99% of Terrorists Caught are Faked

FBI Fakes TerroristsIt appears that some people still don’t get it when it comes to terrorism.

Poverty and a lack of education do not cause terrorism. And the majority of terrorists are not faked.

According to Trevor Aaronson’s book, “The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terrorism” the FBI infiltrates Muslim communities to facilitate terrorist plots with Muslims and then catches them before the attack happens.

The majority of these “terrorists” have no connection with international terror groups (Al-Qaeda, Hamas, etc). They know they want to commit a terrorist act, but have no way to do it themselves.

Aaronson says the FBI finds these people, and with the help of informants or undercover agents, gives them a means to carry out an attack. When the FBI has collected enough information to convict the wanna-be terrorist they arrest the individual and the attack never happens.

Aaronson says that…

…the majority of the foiled attacks that they [the FBI] cite are really only foiled attacks because the FBI made the attack possible, and most of the people who are caught in these so-called foiled attacks are caught through sting operations that use either an undercover FBI agent or informant posing as some sort of Al-Qaeda operative,”

Does it make it any less dangerous?

Think about it for a moment.

There are Muslims who want to carry out a terrorist act, but don’t have the means to do so

Does that make them any less innocent?

The FBI gave these soon to be terrorists a way to incriminate themselves. Yet, Aaronson thinks this makes the attack “phony.” In a way the terrorist attack is phony, because the FBI always shuts it down. But that doesn’t make the terrorist phony.

The only thing keeping them from being a terrorist is the financial aspect of it all.

Would you hesitate to call someone a terrorist just because they couldn’t carry it out?

Tons of people make it crystal clear on Facebook that if they could kill us they would. Such statements only reassure me of their intentions. The last thing I’m thinking of is that they’re phony because they can’t carry through on their threat.

I’m praying to God they don’t get a chance to make good on their threat.

When the opportunity presented itself, they took it

This is the most important part of it all. When that undercover FBI agent gave them the plans for the “attack” they ran with it.

That should worry you… a lot. Not only are there Muslims who want to be a terrorist, but they’ll quickly take whatever chance they can to be one.

Aaronson states that these “phony” terrorist attacks are the “creation of the FBI through an FBI informant or undercover agent providing the means and the opportunity, the bomb, the idea and so on.” Yet he fails to take into account the person behind it all…

Not the FBI, but the Muslims who signed up for it all. Without him the FBI would have nothing, yet you’re told the FBI is the problem and not the Osama bin laden wanna-be.

Which brings you to my next point…

They volunteered

Your right, they voluntarily chose to be a terrorist.

They weren’t coerced into becoming a jihadist for the FBI Allah. They made a choice to go down that road.

If someone willingly becomes a terrorist how does that make them a phony created by the government?

Yes, in a way the attack was created by the FBI, but it was used as a means to catch these terrorists. It does nothing to dim the threat that these people represent.

Trevor Aaronson claims that 99% of all terrorists arrested by the FBI are “faked.” But the fact that such a large amount of Muslims took the FBI’s bait is what’s troublesome.

Forget the supposedly bogus FBI terrorist attacks, that’s nothing compared to the myriad of Jihadist wanna-be’s that now exist.

Thinking that he would uncover a vast FBI conspiracy to rig the terrorist numbers, Aaronson unknowingly stumbled over a new conspiracy.

Ok, I wouldn’t call it a conspiracy. More like reality.

The reality that terroristic tendencies are more prevalent in Muslim communities than you thought.

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