When Selling Lemonade Becomes a Safety Hazard

When Selling Lemonade Becomes a Safety Hazard

Did you ever operate a lemonade stand when you were a kid?

I never did. My brother and I were more into comics. That was our thing. We made comics, and then we sold them (or at least attempted to).

We even had a few auctions if I remember correctly.

But you know what we never had?

We never had our comic book “stand” shut down by city officials.

I can safely say that I never had my parents sit down with me on the couch to explain why I couldn’t run my comic book shop anymore.

My parents never received a visit from city officials. And we never got fined.

Sadly, Chelsea Ruderforth’s parents weren’t so lucky.

They had to tell their 11 year old daughter that she couldn’t run her lemonade shop. Chelsea hadn’t even sold a simple cup of lemonade.

But that didn’t matter…

This budding little entrepreneur’s lemonade stand was “high risk.”

“High risk” for what you ask?

“High risk” because she didn’t get a permit from the city. Apparently, permits are what make food safe to eat, not refrigerators or proper cooking supplies.

Yep, that’s right. The Bunbury City Council told an 11 year old girl that she couldn’t run her lemonade stand because of a permit.

“But that’s Australia,” you say, “That doesn’t happen here, right?”


It’s not anything close to an epidemic, but it is happening over here in the supposed “land of the free.”

Here’s a map of recent incidents in the US (courtesy of Lemonade Freedom).

There’s even an article in Forbes about the crackdown on lemonade stands.

So yes, this is happening in the US.

And yes, it’s something you have to deal with.


Plot Twist: There’s a Silver Lining to This Story

How in the world is there a silver lining to children getting their lemonade stands shut down?

Ok, it’s not that obvious, but hear me out.

The Silver Lining: it lets you and I bring up issues with the system that would otherwise be shot down and ignored.

Think about it…

A heavy bureaucratic system is one thing. A heave bureaucratic system that picks on children is a whole other issue.

No one; not democrats, republicans, liberals, tree-huggers or communists like it when children are harmed. Period.

Policies might go south, but at the heart of the matter, no one wants to see a child hurt because of their views or policies. (Click to Tweet) You have to be pretty psycho-evil to enjoy hurting children.

The fact that kids are the victims in this system is enough to make any American stop and think, “Wait a minute, why’s this happening?”

And that’s when you jump in…with the right message.

Crafting the Right Message

How do you craft the right message? How do you take advantage of this “silver lining?”

First off, let me tell you how you don’t do it…

You don’t jump in screaming bloody murder about how big the government is getting thanks to Obama, Hillary and that crazy Harry Reid guy.

You don’t make fun of Obama. You don’t attack his administration. And you certainly don’t focus on how misguided the left is.

So how do you craft the right message? Here’s some points to focus on…

What’s the issue? Children’s lemonade stands being shut down by public officials due to lack of permits.

What’s the deeper issue? The over-regulation and control of entrepreneurs by the government restricts innovation and stops new entrepreneurs from easily entering the market.

What’s the emotional appeal? Children. Focus on the children and their parents. Children should be able to spend their early years learning and growing. Bureaucracies have no place in restricting a child’s ambitions. No parent should have to stop their child from learning, growing and having fun because of bureaucracy.

What’s the factual appeal? Government licensing and permit regulations tend to hamper growth (and competition) rather than promote it.

What’s should your tone be? Positive, forward thinking, and open minded. You should express your message in a way that comes across as a fellow student, not a professor, or an annoying neighbor. Be kind, willing to answer questions, and calm.

Most importantly, keep in mind how you would want to feel if you were the audience.

You wouldn’t want someone to yell in your face, right? You wouldn’t want some nut to go on about the evils of Obama’s administration as if Obama were some undercover USSR spy?

No, you would want to have a civilized conversation. You would want to be listened to, not made fun of, ridiculed, or put down as uninformed.

Remember: treat those as you would have them treat you.

It goes a long way.

Realizing what’s at Stake

It might seem a little hyped. I get it, it seems hyped to me. And I’m writing about it.

I don’t like hyped up messages.

But here’s the thing, this message is important.


Well, for starters, if you support free markets that means the ability to go out into the world, make a product, sell it, and support both your family and your community is dear to you.

You might be an entrepreneur, or a wannabe entrepreneur. I don’t know.

But what I do know is that entrepreneurism is one of the central tenants of this nation (and of any thriving nation in general). If children can’t stretch their entrepreneurial muscle early in life what makes you except they’ll do it later on in life?

Do you remember that one time when you were a kid? You know, the time your dream was crushed.

I know I’ve had moments like that. Some dreams needed to be crushed, others were crushed by negative people, and social standards around me.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that this is an issue of dreams. A child’s dream to earn a few bucks so they can go to a water park for the day with their friends.

Or maybe, that dream is larger. A dream that will take them past lemonade stands and into cancer research, charities, and successful business ventures.

Whatever route that dream takes, it’s paramount that the child is able to run toward that dream unhampered.

Crafting the right message is paramount not only to our future freedom, but also to our future children. (Click to Tweet)

And our dreams…don’t forget the dreams…

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