Here’s Why Marijuana Shouldn’t be Legalized…Yet

I’ve never understood why the legalization of marijuana was (and still is) such a big deal. When you look at the nation as a whole, there’s a lot more to worry about than weather pot heads can buy their “high” without getting arrested.

Regardless of that fact, I’m a Capitalist. I’m the guy who doesn’t believe in telling others what they can or can’t do. Don’t ban my cheeseburgers!

But, you can’t advocate individual freedom and then turn around and restrict another man’s actions. It’s not right, it’s not moral, and it makes you look like a hypocrite.

So when it comes to marijuana I get a little tricky. I’m not a fan of getting high (such a time waster), but then again, I’m not going to ban you from doing it…

Then reality kicks in…

You and I live in a Welfare State. People are encouraged to live off the government and be a general slacker loser in society. The fad these days is to bill someone else for your destructive (or lazy) lifestyle.

Drugs tend to fit into that fad.

Drugs are expensive…and most druggies aren’t rich. Which means they’re usually on the poorer side of life. Which then means they start utilizing government services.

I’m not going to support the legalization of drugs while we’re in the middle of a booming Welfare State.

Not only does it make more dependents on the system, but it gives the system a new cash flow. You can’t tell me that the government won’t try to make a buck from the drug industry once they legalize it. It’s the government! Finding new revenue sources is part of their job!

That about sums up my opposition to legalization (at the moment). It A) creates more dependents on the system, and B) creates more revenue for an ever growing Big Government.

Do you agree with my opposition to legalizing drugs? Or are you in favor of legalizing (or not legalizing) no matter the consequences?
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