Benghazi: John Kerry’s Putting Up Barriers to Congress’s Investigation

Did you know that there were around 35 Americans in Benghazi during the embassy attack?

Did you also know that 7 Americans were injured, and 21 were working the CIA annex building during the attack?

But all you hear is that four Americans were killed in the embassy attack. Why aren’t you hearing more about the people who made it out alive?

Two Words... John KerryTwo words: John Kerry.

John Kerry has denied Congress’s requests to interview the survivors for a quite a while now.

Last month he denied the House Oversight Committee’s request by saying that he wasn’t “prepared to support the [Committee’s] request for transcribed interviews.”

Just recently, CBS reporter, Sharyl Attkisson stated that Kerry again denied a request to gain access to the survivors.

What’s Kerry’s motives behind his continual rejection?

Why would you refuse survivors of an attack to speak out on what happened?

The answer is to hide something. That’s the only logical reason.

It’s no secret that Benghazi is a serious scandal for Obama. It’s an embarrassment. All Obama can do is put up barriers against any investigation and pray that it dies down.

But it won’t.

Every new story, tweet, blog post and café discussion is another brick taken out of the wall

Kerry might be able to stop Congress’s access to the Benghazi survivors, but he can’t stop the thirst for the truth that you and I are craving.

You want the truth to come out.

And don’t think for a minute that it won’t come out.

The truth can’t help but find the light.

[Source: The Blaze]

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