Meet the Man Who Drove 1,600 Miles to “Man in the Moon:” Interview with Jared Wittenbach

Note: This is a part of a series of interviews where different men and women share their stories on how they became politically informed. All of these people I know in some form or another. I can’t stress how beneficial it would be for you to follow and get to know them. So, do it ASAP.

Jared Wittenbach Interview

You might remember Glenn Beck’s “Man in the Moon” show that was performed last summer of 2013. A show of independence, history and freedom.

If you kept up with the news surrounding the show, you might remember this guy. Jared Wittenbach.

Not only did he drive 1,600 miles from Michigan to the show in Salt Lake City, but he did it alone.

But, this isn’t what makes him an all-around awesome person.

He’s a Libertarian, composer, and has volunteered his time to help others more than any other person I know.

If you get a chance to talk with him, you’ll quickly recognize that he’s got a lot of wisdom for his age (he’s only 24 years old, folks).

If you’re wondering why I do these interviews, I suggest you go back and read this article. It’ll catch you up.

Now, onto the interview with Jared…

A Few Questions with Jared Wittenbach

Who are you? And what are you known for?

My full name is Jared Philip Wittenbach, but on the internet I’m best known as @JaredPhilip.

For some people I’m known as the guy who should be a famous musician. [you can listen to his music on Soundcloud)

Other people know me as the guy they get their medications from.

A small number of people know me as the guy who drove 1,600 miles alone last summer and ended up on the front page of a major news website.

Hopefully, all who know me know me as a friend.

How old were you when got into politics?

I’d have to say I was probably about 10 years old when I started to pay attention and watch the news; this was around the 2000 presidential election season.

What attracted you to politics?

I was interested because I believed from an early age that the world was going to change drastically in my lifetime. I didn’t want to watch the word change; I wanted to be a part of it.

Was there any person (family member, friend, mentor) who helped you get into politics?

My father.

My dad isn’t an activist by any stretch of the imagination, but he’s a leader. He has built his life, business, and family from the ground up and he’s done it against all odds. He’s never asked anyone for anything, but he’ll give the shirt off his back in a heartbeat to someone in need.

He has taught me not to rely on anyone, especially not the government, and to value my freedom more than anything else.

What was your process for becoming politically informed (did you read a lot of books, etc)?

I read…. A LOT. And there was a time when I would listen to every bit of talk radio I could get my ears to, both conservative and liberal.

If you seek knowledge hard enough, you will find it. If you seek truth hard enough, it will find you.

Did any of your friends or family give you a hard time for taking an interest in politics?

Absolutely! Nearly all of them and I think it’s because it’s hard to swallow the idea that everything is not “alright” and that there is much evil in the world.

Some people don’t like the truth because it is often inconvenient.

Did you find it unusually difficult to educate yourself about political issues, principles, and the like?

Sometimes. Often it feels like the mainstream media works against the truth or simply ignores important issues. However, I did learn 17,000 “facts” about the missing flight MH370 while browsing CNN the other day and that would be really cool if it mattered.

Unbiased sources of truth are worth more than gold.

What did you dislike the most about it all?

Arguing. A genius that argues will be heard less than an idiot who loves.

If you could’ve have done something different what would it have been?

I would’ve bought more gold back when it was $232 an ounce! :)

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