Getting Information Overload With The News

Over the past few years, I’ve come to despise the news. Consequentially cutting ties with most news outlets.

I don’t read the news anymore. I don’t follow it.

Whenever I hear about the news, it’s from word of mouth, or I hear it on twitter. If I think it warrants further investigation, I’ll research it.

90% of the time it doesn’t warrant it.

That’s because most news is superficial pseudo propagandist hype.

The news has an agenda. An agenda I’m not sold on.

The news is hype. I don’t appreciate being emotionally manipulated.

The news is a time waster. You can never be caught up on it. You can never know it all. It’s an endless notification.

This is why I’ve cut myself off from the news. I don’t have it in my feeds. I don’t listen to it on the radio. I definitely don’t watch it on tv (ugh! Such a waste of time).

Let’s be honest here: the news is wormhole of endless issues, messed up people, and overdramatic situations that can easily suck you in.

The news, whether purposely done this way or not, distracts you from what’s important.

The news distracts you from…

  • Focusing on the main issues that threaten our liberty
  • Improving your message of freedom (i.e. Outreach)
  • Learning more about Freedom and how to help others with it
  • Keeping a cool head and focusing on worthwhile conversations

And for the newcomers who’ve just started their political journey, it can adversely affect them.

The emotional charge that ALL news stations give you isn’t an accident. It’s meant to get you riled up about the issue at hand. It’s meant for you to say “That’s asinine! Who would ever do that?!?!”

I talk about this in my guide to becoming politically informed.

Digesting too much news early on can be useful. It can also be dangerous. Ultimately turning you into a raging political nut.

Things are rarely as bad as the news makes them out to be.

Remember: the news sells headlines. They have to make a profit too. Headlines is how they do it.

Don’t get bogged down in the news. Keep a healthy awareness of it when you’re first starting out. Gradually remove yourself from it as you grow politically.

The news isn’t your political bread and butter. It’s not there to keep you alive and informed.

It’s there to influence you.

I talk about this topic and more in my guide “Your Starting Guide to Becoming Politically Informed.” You can grab it below for just $5.

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