How to Use, Understand, & Get the Most Out of Your Brigade Experience

Brigade app

A social network built around sharing political opinions?

All I can say is it’s about time.

I mean, we have Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to promote our political views, but they weren’t built for that purpose.

Some of them in fact, weren’t built for that at all (I’m looking at you, Facebook).

If you’re a political junkie, you now have the ultimate platform to geek out on.

Tons of people I know have gotten on Brigade and tried it out for themselves. These guys and girls are politically informed, active, and they’re loving the app.

After you’re done reading this, I hope you’ll try it out.

But right now let’s talk about how it works…

What is Brigade?

Brigade is a political activism app, designed to bring people together over different issues.

Think of it like a tool of the people to articulate beliefs, join together, and shape policy.

You can decide whether you agree or disagree with user created positions. You can find new campaigns, and support individuals who agree with you the most.

It’s been called the Tinder of politics.

I’ve never tried Tinder (nor do I want to), so I wouldn’t know if the statement is accurate or not.

But who likes comparing?

How’s it Work?

The app is centered on creating and taking positions. Everything revolves around that. It’s how you find new users and campaigns. It’s how you grow your impact score (more on that later). It’s how you do a lot of things.

Luckily, the app is super simple. You can thank the developers for that.

Brigade Invite

Getting Started

The first thing you need to do if you want to join is either ask for an invitation on Brigade’s home page, or you get someone to invite you directly.

It’s still an invite only app, which means a lot of the users are active. That’s always nice.Brigade Setup page

Once you get the invite, download the app, and put your invite code in.

You’ll then need to put your name, birthday, city, pronoun (Her/His/Their), email address, and create a password. You can also put a profile pic if you have one.

I recommend putting a profile pic because it alerts other Brigade users that you’re someone worth supporting.  You’re not going to drop off the app in two weeks.

Once you’re done with that, you’ll be directed to the “Let’s Get Started” page. You’ll be given 10 positions that you can either agree, disagree, or say you’re “unsure” about.

After you’re done with that you’ll be taken to the app homepage.

Here, you can see “Trending Topics,” and your news feed.

Once you start supporting people, you’ll be able to see new positions and positions of theirs in your news feed.

Finding Friends (& Supporters)

Finding friends and new supporters isn’t the easiest in Brigade.

Sadly, there’s no search function.

However, there are a few good ways to find engaging Brigade users.

  • Click on positions and read the reasons why people agreed/disagreed. If they pose interesting thoughts/questions then follow them.
  • Each time someone upvotes your reason for agreeing/disagreeing you have the option of requesting their support. Do it!
  • Invite your friends using the invite option. You only have 10 invites. So use them wisely.
  • Look through the list of “People You Should Follow” in your news feed.

Taking Positions on the Issues

Positions are the bread and butter of Brigade.Brigade Position

With positions you can find new followers, see where your friends stand, gain impact, and see what the majority believes.

You can either craft your own positions, or you can take over user created positions.

When you create a position you have to pick a category (economy, women’s rights, etc), write out your statement, and the pick whether you agree or disagree with said statement.

After you post your position, you can share it with your supporters and with other social networks.

The easiest way to find new positions is the Trending section at the top of your news feed. You’ll also have individuals you support asking for your position.

You can even go to an individual user’s profile and take more positions with them.

Supporting Campaigns

Campaigns are one of the more interesting aspects of Brigade. This feature allows you to follow your favorite grassroots campaigns.Brigade Campaign

The more positions you take, the more likely you’ll be shown a campaign that you side with.

For instance, I support 5 campaigns on Brigade.

The Defend Innovators from Big Government campaign was suggested because I agreed with them on a lot of Uber related issues.

The Legalize Medical Marijuana campaign was suggested because I share a lot of the same issues with them about marijuana.

The more positions you take, the more campaigns will come your way.

You can even setup notifications to email you campaign updates when they come out.

What’s “Impact” All About?

Some people have gotten confused about the “impact” score on their profiles.

It’s understandable.

But luckily, it’s pretty simple.

Impact is whenever you get someone to take a position, or change their position.

Some users think it’s nothing more than a way to brag.

That might be true, but there’s value in it. It shows whether a user is active in the community, and whether they take their positions seriously or not.

It’s also a great way to analyze whether a user is worth the follow or not.

Politics is important to me, I want to follow people who find it important too (and I ain’t gonna apologize).

As Brigade grows, you’ll come to see more features integrated with your impact score.

Brigade app screenshots

Using Your Brigade Account to Its Fullest Potential

There’s more to Brigade than simply picking whether you agree or disagree with a position.

This platform has provided a great environment in which to interact with other politically minded individuals.

To appreciate what Brigade has to offer, you need think beyond the simple polling system that it is.

Sharing Your Views & Interacting with Others’

This app is an open invitation to share your opinion, ask for others’, and talk politics.

Why not take advantage of that?

To take full advantage of the position feature, you need to come at it from a perspective of discovery.

You want to know what other people think. You want to know what the prevailing thought is on this particular issue. You want to know why people believe what they believe.

You want to know.

You should also want to meet new people who agree and disagree with you.

Create new positions (and shape your own reasoning) based on the idea of discovery. It’s the best way to discover more about the community.

Connecting with Campaigns You’ll Agree with

It’s not easy finding organizations that are fighting for the issues that you care about.

Brigade makes that easier. By providing a platform for you to connect with likeminded activist organizations, they help you fight for what you believe in.

You get updates, news, and ways to help, all by “supporting” a campaign.

That’s pretty awesome (if I do say so myself).

Utilize it to keep yourself informed.

Seeing Your Impact First HandBrigade Compare Users

The impact score might be rudimentary, but it’s a fascinating way to encourage activism among Brigade’s user base.

Think of it like gamification.

Brigade has given you a score. That score shows you how many people you’ve impacted.

The higher the number, the more people you’ve impacted, the more of a difference you’ve made.

You get impact points for changing someone’s position on an issue. That’s pretty cool to see.

It’s no longer some abstract impression you’ve left on someone. It’s an actual signal that you’ve made a difference.

Seeing your impact first hand is powerful. And addictive.

The #1 Reason You Should Join Brigade NOW

So what is the number one reason why you should join Brigade?

One word…


I’ve mentioned to you before how VITAL an open mind is to your political journey. Without it, you slip into ignorance (and arrogance).

Discovery is VITAL to keeping a politically open mind.

Being the politically informed individual that you are, you want to discover new views. You want to find out what other people are saying. You want to know which issues are important.

You want to discover.

You get where I’m stepping?


Now, go sign up for Brigade.

Just do it.

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