The Number One Way To Fundamentally Change America (For The Better)

During the 2008 election you heard the term “fundamentally changing America” quite a bit.

It was going to be Obama’s claim to fame, and so far, it’s been just that.

His claim to fame.

Only just not the way he imagined it.

Obama Fundamentally Change America

What’s Been His Change?

That answer could go into a whole world of political and societal cause and effect. But in general, the answer would be an augmented amount of social strife.

Obama’s policies have been built around these two words…

Increase strife.

From racial issues, to abortion, to Obamacare; it’s all for the purpose of increasing strife.

Stirring up the masses against each other.

This is Obama’s fundamental change.

What Should be Your Change?

This is an easy one.

What’s the opposite of strife?


How do you bring about unity?

By bringing people together on a common issue, a common purpose.

What’s This “Common Purpose”?

This is the best part. You know why?

Because your choices are endless.

As defenders of Freedom, the “common purpose” can be anything from protecting private property to the simple desire to be the master of your own life.

The key is to pick one that’s simple enough and void of enough doctrine to grab people where it counts.

Don’t Push Them Away

Nobody wants to deal with Libertarian or Conservative rhetoric. Shoving it down their throat will only alienate them.

But if you say, “Hey, you’re the one in charge of your life.”

“No one has a right to tell you how to live it, because you’re capable of living it without having to have your hand held the whole way through.” Click to tweet

That’s going to grab them. That’s going to strike a chord with them.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be that specific issue, but it does have to be one that’ll pull them in.


To fundamentally change America you can’t go about in a gung-ho attitude. Your in-your-face Libertarianism and Conservatism will only end up driving Americans away.

That’s not to say that both stances aren’t vital to your success; in fact, they’re the cornerstone of the whole “common purpose.”

Look at Obama, he didn’t preach his worldview to America. He created a common purpose around his worldview that was palatable for many Americans.

His political stance was still there, but it wasn’t shacking its junk at you (sorry for that mental picture).

Take a cue from Obama. Change American fundamentally. Spread the cause of Freedom. Reach multitudes.


What do you think? Is this the best way to Fundamentally Change America? If not, tell me what you think will work.
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