You Could Learn A Thing Or Two From Hillary’s Efforts To Be “Hip”

Hillary Clinton trying to be hip and cool on SNL

Hillary is trying so hard to be the cool hip candidate.

You can’t blame her.

She lost the last election thanks to lackluster support among the youth.

She’s not planning on making that mistake again.

She’s been hitting up all the known youth spots. The Ellen Show, Saturday Night Live, and snapchat. Hoping to make a lasting impression on America’s youth. She needs their vote badly.

Not even emojis are below her campaign. As exhibited by her call out on Twitter for people to describe their college debt in emojis.

A good idea, but a little too overboard.

There comes a time when a 60 year old political figure comes across as trying too hard. Especially when most of the American youth don’t care about politics.

Correction, the majority don’t care about politics, but they’re definitely influenced by it. Which is why I think the Hillary campaign is taking the direction is it.

They know that shows like SNL carry a lot of respect among the younger generations. That respect is what they’re trying to tap into.

It’s a matter of getting your voice out there.

And that’s what I’ll be going over today.

Yes, you can learn from her campaign and reverse engineer it.

It helps when you’re younger. So you’ve got an edge over Hillary because you know what young people prefer. Which means you can do it better.

Here’s the takeaways from Hillary’s youth outreach strategy…

Show up Where They Are

The youth don’t find you, you find them.

You can’t claim to understand their dilemma without showing up.

Hillary is showing up in places like Saturday Night Live for that very reason. She’s working on getting in front of eyeballs. Not just eyeballs; eyeballs that will see her as relatable and caring.

She interacts on Twitter and snapchat. Channels where her target constituency is active on.

When you’re pushing a movement, you need to show up where the youth are. Hillary does just that. Not saying her efforts are effective, but at least she’s making the effort.

hillary clinton snl

Old Tactics & Ideas Won’t Get You Far (Go Out on a Limb)

The typical approach to campaigning will continue to show less and less results.

Town hall meetings? Who goes to those? Not young people.

You can’t expect to use the same old tactics and expect good results from a group who’s grown up with technology. They’re used to a different system of communication.

If you want to leave a mark, you’ll need to go outside of your comfort zone. Switch things up. Go crazy. Do something no one’s done before.

The battle for attention won’t be won with the same old same old. It’ll be won with out of the box thinking.

That emoji tweet was a “going out on a limb” move.

hillary clinton fist bumping

Treat it Like a Movement Worth Getting Passionate About

Young people like getting passionate about what matters to them. Whether it’s a company that donates a pair of shoes whenever you buy one. Or a company like Tesla who’s working on fixing energy problems.

Your movement, your message; it needs something I can get passionate about.

Passion is what drives me to share it with my friends. It drives me to talk about it. It drives me to support you.

Don’t underestimate the power of an emotional connection.

It’s why Hillary focuses so much on women’s rights. It’s an emotional connector. It’s something to get passionate about.

Open Yourself Up

Have you noticed how personal Hillary is getting? She’s sharing details about her past. She’s talking about her relationship with Bill.

Believe it or not, sharing pictures of yourself as a kid is key to reaching the youth.

Us younger people like it when someone’s personal with us. We want you to be real. Talk about your family, your past experiences, your college life.

Opening up to us shows the human in you.

You’re not just a secretary of state. You’re a mom, wife, etc. I can relate to your life experiences. I can better understand who you are, and where you’ve come from.

Hillary Clinton on SNL


Hillary is desperately trying to reach out to the youth.

She’s doing it by showing up where they are. Going beyond old campaign tactics. Creating a passion around her movement. And getting personal.

She’s coming across as “trying too hard.” But at least she’s trying.

You can learn from her campaign strategy and use it for your own endeavors.

You want to reach out to your fellow youth? You’ve gotta go outside the box. Get creative with it. Ask yourself what you’d like to see in a movement.

Apply some of Hillary’s strategies. Tweak them a little so you don’t look goofy. And run with it.

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