Hillary Plans on Reminding Us of the “Good Times”… What Will You Remind People of?

Hillary Clinton Speaking

Let me ask you this one question…

What are you reminding people of?

What are you constantly telling them about?

What’s the focus of your tweets, facebook statuses, Google+ posts, and blog articles?

Are you focusing on specific news stories, or, are you focusing on the bigger picture?

Now that you’ve answered those questions (if you haven’t please do), let me hit you with a brick…

Hillary Clinton has it down better than you.

What in the name of everything that’s holy am I talking about?

I’m talking about Hillary’s message for voters in 2016.

It’s a message of remembrance. Remembering a simpler, better time.

What time I’m talking about?

I’m talking about the Clinton Administration.

Apparently, the Clinton era is a fond memory for most Americans (compared to now, anything looks better). I wouldn’t know since I was barely alive during that time.

Yes, I’m that young…

But the fact is, Hillary is making her message about positive memories.

What are we making our message about?

Benghazi, IRS, Ukraine, ISIS, Iraq?

Obama has made a lot of mistakes over his two terms as president. That’s no surprise. But here’s the question worth asking…

Is it worth hyper focusing on it?

Yes, the Benghazi and IRS scandals were horrible. Yes, ISIS and the Ukraine were handled poorly. Yes, Iraq is going to hell.

But should we shove it all in the voters’ faces yelling “see what he did, see what he did?”

Is that the best way to reach people?

The right has been labeled conspiracy theorists when it comes to Benghazi and the IRS. Bringing up these issues could backfire on us.

Nobody wants to hear you rant and rave about how the president killed these people, and how the IRS targeted conservatives.

It’s sad, but true.

Voters don’t react well to negative messages.

Positivity vs. Negativity

Which do you think sells better? Negativity or positivity?

As a voter, do you prefer hearing what a candidate can do for you, or how bad the opposing candidate is?

The first one right? Yeah, I thought so.

Negativity turns us off, especially when it’s political. We want the government to work. We want politicians to act like adults. We want our economy to work…properly.

I don’t want to hear about how much your opponent is a liar, child molester, or impregnator. I want to hear what you can do for me. How can you help me, make my life easier, and help the nation?

It’s the Good idea vs. the Bad Idea that The Refinery talked about a while back. It’s a matter of focusing on the positive more than the criticizing the negatives.

Watch the clip, it’s worth it.

Pulling an “Obama Blame Card”

Don’t you hate it how Obama blames Bush every chance he gets?

It doesn’t help your view of him. It’s annoying. And cowardice.

Now to you…

Why do you constantly blame Obama? Do you seriously think criticizing him 24/7 will win people over to your side? Most of the time it won’t.

It’s negative. And negative messages don’t go well with most people.

You’ve got to tell voters what policies and ideas you support. Then you tell them why you support them.

Tell them how your policies and ideas will help them. Tell them how it’ll make their lives easier. Tell them how it’ll help them in the long run.

Stop criticizing Obama. Start voicing your views. Tell people about the benefits.

What Should Your Message Be?

First off, it should be a positive one.

This doesn’t mean you can’t point out things that Obama, Congress, and democrats have done.

Constructive criticism is important.

You need to know why certain policies are wrong. Criticism is needed.

But thinking that criticism alone will bring people to your side is naïve thinking.

So be positive. How?

Focus on how views work and benefit Americans.

How does capitalism grow wealth and bring Americans out of poverty? How does an unregulated market benefit the consumer more than government regulations do? How does private property protect the individual’s choice and liberty? How does a limited government work the best for everyone?

That’s what you need to focus on.

Don’t just be against common core, welfare, cronyism, etc. Vocalize what you’re for.

Conservatives and Libertarians need to be for things. We need to explain our principles and apply them to the real world.

Go out and spread the message of freedom.

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