“Why Would We Want to Do That?”

Harry Reid Why Would We Want to Do That on the Shutdown

“Why would we want to do that?”

That seems to be the question of the year.

Why would we blockade memorials and tourist attractions that aren’t manned with Federal employees to begin with?

Why would we make sure that veterans get the benefits they earned?

Why would we want to help kids with cancer get the treatment they so desperately need?

“Why Would We Want to Do That?”

Those were the very words that came from Harry Reid’s mouth when asked if he would support a bill to fund the National Institutes of Health.

When asked if he could help one child he responded by saying he’s got “1100 people at Nellis Air Force Base that are sitting home.”

That’s right. Harry Reid compared children with cancer to a bunch of furloughed Federal workers.

Why Would We Care About You?

That one foot-in-mouth statement from Harry Reid sums up the Democratic leadership’s view toward Americans (i.e. You).

If they really cared, why block numerous individual funding bills from the House? You would think that they’d do all they could to help those affected by the shutdown.

But after shooting down the veteran bill (among others) it’s quite clear that that’s not the case.

They Don’t Care (at all)

Throughout the shutdown Democrats have been whining and complaining about all the innocent people who are suffering.

But they’ll only be satisfied when the Republican controlled House stops playing politics. Republicans need to release their hostages they say.

But it’s Congressmen like Harry Reid who are the real hostage takers.

They blame the Republicans for playing politics, but fail to see the plank in their own eye.

They’re Playing Politics (as well)

Harry Reid’s “Why would we want to do that” comment proves it.

Shutting down parks and memorials proves it. Using thug tactics to keep Veterans and other Americans out proves it.

Acting like children when the House does their job proves it.

Comparing fellow Congressmen to hostage takers and terrorists proves it.

This is About Power & Control

The Democrats in Congress don’t care about you. Obamacare isn’t a Christmas present.

It’s a Trojan Horse.

It’s a way for them to further shackle you to the chains of Big Brother. To train you to be reliant on the government for your health. To them, you’re incapable of living your life on your own. You’re incapable of making your own choices.

Harry Reid Knows it

He’s fully aware that Obamacare is a Trojan Horse. That’s why he’s unwilling to pass individual funding bills. Every bill that gets passed takes power away from them.

That’s also why helping a few kids with cancer isn’t in his best interest.

It gets a few more people to stop complaining.

The only way Harry Reid and his band of merry men can use this shutdown as a political tool is if people complain. They’re not getting paid. They’re not getting benefits. They’re not getting welfare. They can’t visit the park.

The less people who grumble about the shutdown the harder Reid’s job becomes.


To sum it all up: The Democrats in Congress don’t care. This shutdown isn’t about you (or your neighbor who works for the EPA). It’s about political power. It’s all a game folks.

Harry Reid might have… ok, he did sound like a heartless scrooge when he responded to that reporter. But he doesn’t care. Yes, the bad PR might be frustrating, but it’s just a bump on the road to absolute political power.

And don’t think Congressional Democrats are the only ones traveling down that road.

You’ve got the establishment Republican base who would have been just as happy to have their own “Affordable Care Act.”

Watch out for any politician who shows up at your door saying they “care.

As Admiral Ackbar said…. IT’S A TRAP!

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