Growing Up in the Political World: From Political Adolescence to Adulthood

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It’s the significant changes that we remember.

Maybe it was when you first learned how to ride your bike. Later that summer, you used your new found skill to hang out with friends at the local movie cinema.

Maybe it was when you got your driver’s license. No more relying on mom and dad to drive you around everywhere.

Maybe it was when you went on your first date… because everything obviously changes after your first date. Yeah, um, I’m just going to move on.

Regardless of which moment sticks out the most to you, the fact is, change is never forgotten.

You might not remember the exact date and time. Heck, you might not even recall where you were when it happened (early onset of Alzheimer’s, maybe?).

But you remember the change. You remember what happened. You remember what got you there.

You remember it.

No matter what was taking place around you, you always remember that moment of change. (Click to Tweet)

I remember my own “significant change” just like you do.

I remember when my political journey started.

I remember when I first delved into the political world.

It Started Off With A…


Yep, my newfound passion in life started while watching a TV show. The Glenn Beck show to be precise.

My mom heard about it from a friend of hers and decided to give it a shot.

After a few episodes she told me it was probably something I would like to watch. Glenn Beck was humorous, informative, and most importantly, he could be understood.

That was attractive to me. Finally someone I could understand.

Fast forward a few episodes later and I was hooked. I watched every Glenn Beck episode for two years until he left Fox News. But by then, I was already on my own way to becoming politically independent.

By “politically independent” I’m not talking about the party (i.e Independents). I’m talking about reaching that stage in your political journey where you can go it out alone. You’ve got a good foundation of what you believe in, what’s wrong and right, and what works politically.

How Did I Become “Independent?”

To put it simply, I took it upon myself to do my own research.

I made sure that I was always looking for new websites, new books, new avenues of learning.

I got a Google Reader account. Added a two or three websites to it, and went from there. One website would lead me to another, which would lead me to this author, which got me to read this book.

It was like a tree. First the roots were laid, then the trunk grew. Later on new braches would lead me to more branches.

It was like a family ancestry tree. Only, instead of telling a story of your family’s history, it told a story of one teenager’s exploration. Website after website was found, looked over, and if found valuable was added to the feed reader.

I also built up a pretty long collection of political and historical books on Amazon. I haven’t even started to scratch the surface of that collection.

The amount of articles I was reading on a daily basis helped me grasp a wide range of views on dozens of political issues and topics.

I didn’t rely on someone else to feed me what they “thought” was right and wrong politically. I found out on my own. I had a foundation, but I expanded. I explored my options.

Why Did a Community Help?

In 2011, Google Plus (Google’s social network) was launched. Luckily, I had the privilege of joining the social network not long after.

It was already filling up with new people. New communities were being formed. And more attention was starting to come its way.

But I only joined to chat with friends. A small group of us inhabited our own little corner of Google Plus. It was fun, it was different, it was a social network.

But I soon started to branch out of my little circle of friends. I joined a few political communities on G+, and man, was it a good idea that I did.

I actually got to see, meet and discuss with like-minded people. I can’t tell you how many articles I would read every day while I was online, but a lot of it came from that one Conservative community I joined.

From there, I met dozens of excited and passionate conservatives. It was amazing. I was growing so much during that time.

Joining a community of politically active individuals did wonders for my political growth. It made me think, process and analyze issues in a way I’d never done before.

The Journey is a Long One

It would take more time than I have now to outline everything that happened to me throughout the early years of my political life.

But the story is one worth telling…

And so is yours.

I know you didn’t pop out of the womb a political junkie. No one does.

But so many people would love to.

They’d love to understand the conversations that go around during holiday meals. They’d love to know why these issues are so important. They’d love to know how these issues affect their lives.

But they think the journey is too difficult to accomplish. I’m pretty sure they’ve been told at some point that it’s too hard for them.

And it’s not like those already “in the know” make it easy. They purposely use complex rhetoric, big words, and horrible writing techniques. So much so, that only the most privileged academic readers can decipher it without getting a migraine.

Politics Isn’t Supposed to Give You Migraines

Yes, it’s stressful at times, even a little depressing. But that has nothing to do with the concepts and principles that you could be learning.

If the issue is too confusing. If you can’t make out what all the fuss is about. If you can’t comprehend the law of supply and demand without taking aspirin then it’s the communicator’s problem, not you.

I believe in simplicity. These issues can be communicated clearly. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or a stuffy academic professor) to get it.

I’m no rocket scientist. I don’t even enjoy science.

And I’m certainly no academic professor. If you know me at all, you know why (wink, wink).

So, obviously I can get this without having some insane PHD, or MBA.

You can too.

And so can everybody else who’s ever wished to know.

The Fix?

Directions are invaluable when driving somewhere. You want to make sure you arrive there, on time and at the right location.

The same can be said of politics. There’s a barrier to entry to overcome if you want to be politically informed. That barrier needs to be removed.

That barrier is nothing but a constant annoyance for so many people. Maybe it’s an annoyance for you. If it is then what I’ve got planned is just up your alley.

A guide for those hoping to break through into the political world. It’s only in the first stages of creation, but it’s something that’s been on my mind for a while.

Not only will it be a useful guide for newcomers to progress through political adolescence into adulthood. But it’ll also help people start.

It’ll help them start their political journey.

Here’s where you come in: All you have to do is enter your email below to say you’re interested. Maybe you need help overcoming these barriers yourself. Or, maybe you know a friend who would love this guide.

Whichever one it is, remember the words of John Adams when he said that…

“As long as knowledge and virtue are diffused generally among the body of a nation, it is impossible they should be enslaved.”

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