Stop the Mudslinging: 5 Reason Why You Should Give Obama Some Respect


stop mocking obama

You’ve probably seen these memes before.

They represent a combination of atrocious Photoshop skills, overused clichés, and minuscule imaginations (not to mention IQ levels).

But at the bottom of these memes is a misplaced focus. One that is currently hurting the conservative community at large, without them even knowing.

Look at your social media, specifically the conservative section, and you’ll find a barrage of memes, slogans and click-bait.

All aimed, for the most part at Obama.

Here’s the problem with it all…

It’s superficial.

But more importantly, it’s indicative of a widespread disdain for Obama among the conservative movement. A disdain that is unhealthy and dangerous to the movement’s future.

It’s unhealthy and dangerous for three simple reasons

  1. It paints conservatives as something they’re not. Conservatives are not hateful, disrespectful, nor is the movement based on animosity.
  2. It hurts their efforts at outreach and political evangelism. Hatred is only attractive if you share the same feelings of hate (only racists are attracted to the KKK). It’s not attractive to people looking at your party from outside.
  3. It doesn’t stretch or grow the conservative movement. Ask yourself this; “is making fun of Obama something that will grow your understanding of an issue, or is just the political equivalent of looking at cat gifs?

So if it’s harms the future progress of the conservative movement how can it be changed?

More importantly, how can you and I make the change?

The overarching answer is an uncomfortable one. It involves giving Obama some respect.

You need to start respecting Obama.

Whether you like it or not, it’s something that needs to be done. It’s something that needs to be slowly integrated into the conservative community as a whole.

And to make the transition smoother, I’ve broken the “overarching fix” into five smaller points. Work on assimilating these into your local conservative circles. That’s the only way you’ll be able to change this destructive behavior.

Ok, here’s the five points you need to remember to spread a greater respect for Obama…

Obama is a Human Too

Obama is a human being. That means he’s not a monkey, ebola, the devil, a child, a robot or some other sub-human entity.

Believe it or not, this dehumanization of political figures isn’t a new thing. Nor is it something that the right came up with.

It’s been used all the way back before the Civil War. It’s been used to describe Irishmen, blacks, Germans during WWI and the list goes on.

Obama is a human being and should be treated as such. (Click to Tweet)

America has had Worse Presidents

I know it’s easy to think that Obama is the worst president ever. But that’s just not true.

Any cursory study of American history will show you a long list of worse presidents.

FDR, Woodrow Wilson, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Andrew Jackson to name a few.

Obama’s not Evil (like, not Even a Little Bit)

Here’s the thing about this: how low of a standard of evil do you have that you would consider Obama evil?

I’ve heard people go so far as to say he’s the “anti-christ.”

Let’s get this straight, Obama isn’t evil. Hitler was evil. Stalin was evil.

There is a definite standard of what is (and isn’t) evil. Obama does not qualify for the label of “evil.”

I don’t know about you, but I have a high standard for what is evil.

Evil isn’t a label that should be used willy-nilly like that.

Negativity is a Turnoff (Like Those Attack-Ads)

The midterm elections just ended, which means you still have the image of those attack-ads burned into your brain.

Do you enjoy watching attack-ads?

I’m assuming you don’t. Why not?

Because they’re negative. And negativity isn’t attractive.

So why be overly negative about Obama? You can criticize him in a way that doesn’t reek of hostility. You could also focus on what should be changed instead of what Obama did wrong during his presidency.

It’s all about how you craft your message. Craft a message of positivity. Don’t run attack-ads. (Click to Tweet)

Calling Obama a “Terrorist” only Shows Your Hate

Libertarians tend to be guilty of this more than conservatives. But regardless, this is a horrible thing to say. Especially if you’re talking to a left leaning American.

Is Obama a terrorist? I’m sure the definition of “terrorist” says no, but that’s not the issue. The issue is how you come across to that left leaning American.

Now, it’s easy to be all self-righteous. It’s easy to cross your arms and say “well I don’t care what they think. Obama is a terrorist who’s no better than ISIS!” But how is that helping your cause?

You’re not winning that guy or girl over by being an ass. And to win politically, you need to win socially.

Bring it All Together (aka More Respect)

So what does giving Obama more respect look like?

  • Don’t encourage or spread mudslinging.
  • Don’t encourage immature bashing of Obama.
  • Don’t encourage immature childish dialogue that doesn’t further constructive conversation.
  • Don’t use far-fetched comparisons and labels that only degrade the conversation.
  • Don’t use personal attacks against Obama. Critically analyze his policies, but leave his character (and family) out of it.

Or you could just go with this one phrase…

Don’t be a moron.

It’s that simple.

It’s easy to act like a middle schooler. It’s easy to make crude jokes. It’s easy to hate.

Like Billy Joel once said

“Some people find that’s it’s easier to hate, than to wait anymore”

So here’s the dilemma for you. Are you going to condone the hate, and potentially harm the movement? Or, are you going to elevate the conversation and reach people outside the movement?

I’m taking the second option.

And you know what? It’s not that hard to implement. All you have to do is remember the points I wrote for you above, and remember not be a moron.

That’s it.

Well, ok, that’s not all there is. But it’s a good start.

There’s a lot that goes into crafting the right message. Remembering not act like a moron is just the foundation of it all. Then you need to build on your foundation.

Building that foundation takes time but it’s not impossible. Heck it’s not even that difficult if you keep an open mind and purposely want to improve.

That’s what The Political Informer is for. To help you build on that foundation that you already have.

The newsletter, The Informer, is the main vehicle for that. It’s where I bring the building blocks for you use on your foundation. It’s where you can learn to craft your message. It’s where you can learn to relate, reach and evangelize to the people around you.

Communicating the principles of personal freedom is important, right?

If you agree with that, great. If you want to learn how to do that, even better.

If you want to start building your foundation up. If you want to learn how to reach others. If you want to figure out how not to be moron. Then The Informers is for you.

I want to learn how to reach people

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