Georgia’s Burn Permit as Described Through Memes

The utter idiocy of Georgia’s burn policy is so clear.

You should have seen me while I was researching the policy. Frustration, anger, and righteous loathing were just some of the emotions I was feeling.

I’m no fan of government bureaucracy. And I bet you’re not a fan of it either.

Nothing like ruining your life through complex laws. The government isn’t your mother. Yet, politicians in Washington and in Georgia think they are your parents.

You’re an adult. You can make your own decisions.

And to make that point clear I made a few memes making fun of Georgia’s burn permit policy.

The policy is amusing and should be treated as such.

Feel free to share these memes with your family and friends, but please include a link to the original article (you can find it here).

wtf picard burn permit the rock burn permit that would be great burn permit one does not simply burn kill yourself burn permit facepalm picard burn permit bad luck brian burn permit

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