In an age of increased sensitivity to vitriolic speech, it should be no surprise that such behavior becomes less and less accepted.

People who engage in childish taunting and ad hominem attacks will increasingly be dealt with. Again, no surprise.

Regardless of what you think of the “triggered” “safe-space” crowd, there’s one thing that’s true. Purposely triggering them will serve no purpose other than a superficial ego boost. Honestly, that’s all vitriolic speech is, an ego boost. And running to the opposite extreme when confronting a SJW will only enforce the polarization in their minds.

Do you want your ideological opposites to hate you more? Is that seriously what you want?

Again, you might just be in for the ego boost, but if so, don’t come crying to us when you get slapped on the wrist.

I won’t defend you. Mostly because you don’t bring anything of worth to the conversation (you actually devolve it), and you make my job harder (it’s already hard enough).

So to address Milo’s recent permanent suspension from Twitter, I could care less. Twitter has its rules, and Milo has no respect for decent conversation. He enjoys making half-assed arguments to “trigger” and “offend” those he disagrees with, and then has the nerve to claim they’re the nasty one.

Milo lives on confrontation.

And confrontation breeds aggression, which leads to misunderstandings and polarization. Neither of which are helpful if you want to fix problems.

Vitriolic speech is a cancer in American politics. It has been for a while. And you can thank a whole host of individuals, organizations, parties, and media groups for it, dating all the way back to the 50s. If you’ve followed anything I’ve ever said you know I’m trying to change this. But it’s hard to change this systemic mindset when popular figures are encouraging it at every turn.

Also, controversy for the sack of controversy (i.e. click-bait) is counter-productive and disgusting.

So no, I won’t be mourning Milo’s removal. I’m sure he’ll be back soon and all will be back to normal. He always manages to make it back into the spotlight.

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