Freedom For All Isn’t Just a Phrase, It’s a Way of Life

Freedom for All

Live like you believe it.

Believe what?


How do I live like I believe it?

By not being a fraud.

A fraud?

Yes, a fraud.

Frauds use words like “Liberty.” “Freedom,” and “Personal Responsibility.” They say they love individual liberty. Frankly they say a lot of things.

But they don’t believe it.

They don’t believe it because they can’t get over the hurdle.

The hurdle being; letting go of control.

They can’t realize that they have no right to tell someone else how to live their life.

They don’t want to realize it.

You know why?

The control is too additive.

It’s addicting to dictate and police other people’s lives.

There’s a good feeling in your stomach when you say “I know what’s best for your life.” It makes you feel superior, important, and wise.

Superiority, however, is the worldview of dictators (and overbearing highschool teachers).

Superiority declares that everyone else is subpar and pathetic compared to you.

I know how good superiority feels, because I deal with it constantly. Hell, I use it to boost my own confidence when I’ve misplaced what really gives me confidence. I’ve used it to beat people down, and make myself look good.

I do it in the way I dress, think, and live.

But superiority is dangerous, especially when it comes to politics.

Politics is already a superiority game. And it sucks.

Politicians think they know best. They don’t.

Pundits think they’re smart. They’re not.

The media thinks they’re reporting. They’re not.

Superiority claims it knows best. It claims that your life’s course is up to their discretion.

When you find the love of your life, superiority says you have to get a license before you can be together forever.

When you want to support yourself, superiority demands you to give a portion of what you make to an impersonal bureaucracy.

When you want to build a business, superiority forces you to go through the red tape before you can build your dreams.

Superiority is control.

And it’s completely antithetical to individual freedom.

To the college student who’s reading their eyes out on all the philosophical theoretical foundations of freedom, but thinks gay marriage should be banned…You are a fraud.

Freedom isn’t about you and your narrow minded beliefs. It’s about everyone.

Your cultural war is a worm infested apple.

Freedom is a five course dinner.

To the teacher who’s into the Founding Fathers and the Constitution, but thinks we should restrict immigration and only let in those we deem smart and worthy of prosperity…You are a fraud.

You don’t keep others from enjoying the freedoms you’ve been blessed to grow up with.

Who cares about your cultural hegemony and xenophobia?

You don’t believe in freedom, you believe in My-freedom.

To the “economic freedom” organization who says free markets are the best course for helping the poor, but support welfare programs and regulations that only restrict opportunities for the poor…You are a fraud.

The government is not the poor man’s friend. Restricting business opportunities and wealth in the name of safety nets isn’t charity, it’s control.

Freedom for all isn’t something fun to say. It’s not supposed to make you feel good.

It’s a statement that declares a greater purpose.

“I’m leaving behind my superiority complex. I’m ditching the control, because I believe everyone deserves to live their own life free.”

Do you still have an objective moral standard? Yes.

Do you still believe certain things are wrong? You bet!

Do you support every action people do with their freedom? Not at all.

It takes a lot to say “I believe this is wrong, but I’m not going to tell you how to live your life.”

Now obviously, we make exceptions for actions that violate another person’s life, liberty, or property. That’s just how it works.

But for the gray areas of life that don’t violate your neighbor’s rights, it looks different.

I’m not a fan of drugs. I don’t plan on trying them, nor do I believe I need to.

That doesn’t stop me from legalizing marijuana and every other drug.

I believe everyone has the right to make their own choices.

I’ve made my choice. If someone wants to go smoke marijuana or crack cocaine, go for it!

Freedom for all is personal responsibility.

People are adults. Can we start treating them like ones?

I laugh whenever someone complains about how adults these days act like children. No responsibility, no maturity, nothing!

Two days later I hear them barking a storm about how they hate the idea of legalizing drugs, prostitution, lowering the drinking age, or anything else that moves the responsibility to the adult.

If you want adults, you’ve got to treat ‘em like adults.

If you want a functioning nation, you’ve gotta let ‘em function.

Freedom for all is about letting people be people. It’s about recognizing that you have no say over another man’s life (or women’s for that matter).

You are your own keeper. You are not your neighbor’s keeper. Stop acting like you are!

Freedom for all is the belief that people are better off with the least amount of restrictions.

People should be able to make their own decisions.

They should be able to live their life, free of controlling individuals with superiority complexes.

The red tape doesn’t make life easier.

The fake charity doesn’t make life better.

The bureaucracy doesn’t make life safer (and neither does the NSA).

Stand for Freedom.

More specifically, stand for Freedom for All individuals.

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