Suck it Up, Stop Crying, and Pull on Your Big Boy Pants, Because Fear Needs to be Stopped

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Fight Fear

So you think the NSA is sifting through your emails and phone records? The CIA is killing off informants and silencing critics? Secretive individuals are creating a New World Order? Politicians don’t care about the people?

Here’s my answer to that…

Who cares!

You see, the typical response to the NSA’s massive data collecting is to start encrypting your files and cut back on your internet activity.

The typical response to the CIA is to turn into a paranoid schizophrenic spouting conspiracy theories right and left.

The typical response to the whole “New World Order” is to join the paranoid schizophrenic… in a mental facility.

The typical response to a politician’s apathy is to be apathetic to the political process.

The Typical Response is Always the Wrong Response

The typical response is going to be one out of fear. We react to a threat with fear. That fear makes us avoid that threat.

The typical response is a weak response. It’s not based on logic, facts, or the outside world that caught you with your pants down. The typical response is the quickest reaction our brains could develop.

Your brain, in its haste to protect you, came up with a third rate plan of action. One that will do you more harm than good.

The Typical Response is Fear Based

If it’s not based on logic, then what’s it based on?

Fear. Mind numbing, terrifying, irrational fear.

It’s fear that makes you want to encrypt your computer files in a vain attempt to protect yourself against the NSA.

It’s fear whenever you look around your back in the grocery store, thinking someone’s following you.

It’s fear when you throw away your all electronic devices, move out of your neighborhood, and live in the middle of the woods. All the while, watching for spy planes and hiding from satellites.

Fear keeps you locked in a prison of your own making. It immobilizes you from taking real action, from making a difference, from fighting the threat on your own terms.

FDR was right (this once) when he said, “the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” (Click to Tweet)

Fear is an Ally of the Enemy

The CIA aren’t the only spies you have to worry about. Fear is a spy far craftier than any CIA or FBI agent.

And it always work for your enemy.

Fear can infiltrate anyone. It can take on any shape, person, or idea. Its prisons are stronger, deadlier, deeper, and more guarded than anything the KGB could fathom.

Fear will torture you until you either give up your secrets or hide them for eternity in insanity.

Fear works with your enemy to shut you up forever.

Recognize the Tactics of Fear

The NSA leak is a great example of realizing the strategies of Fear. When the news broke that the NSA was collecting massive amounts of data, people freaked out. Their first response to this ground shaking reality was to find ways to encrypt their internet activities.

Some even went so far as to curtail their interactions on the internet.

This was Fear in work.

Encryption is pointless. If the NSA wants your information, they’ll get it one way or another. Isolating yourself from the internet shuts you up. That’s what the NSA wanted you to do.

The NSA wants you to waste energy on pointless encryption. They want you to remove yourself from the public forum. (Click to Tweet)

Instead of trying in vain to protect yourself, or isolate yourself in a little part of the world, you should’ve been spreading the word. The word on why the NSA is unconstitutional, violating your rights and your privacy.

You should’ve stopped cowering. You should’ve stood up, dusted yourself off, and started fighting.

Fighting by informing your fellow Americans on the negative aspects of the NSA. Fighting by championing for anti-NSA and pro-privacy legislation at the local, state, and federal level. Fighting by contacting your representatives and senators.

You Need to Suck it Up & Stop Crying

You remember when you skinned your knee as a kid? You kept crying and crying; it hurt a lot, crying is natural. But your mom finally told you to stop crying and do something about it.

You can either sit there crying, while your knee bleeds out, or you could get a band-aide and fix yourself up.

The same is true about any political hell storm.

Passing the Patriot Act was an act of fear. Establishing the NSA was a cop-out. Trying to encrypt your files is a waste of time your brain concocted to trick you into thinking you’re doing something worthwhile (which you’re not).

Feeling helpless and depressed after reading the latest news story on how the government is taking away your rights is a cop-out. You’re cowering in the corner because life didn’t go the way you wanted it to.

Guess what?

Life rarely goes your way, especially in the political world (it sucks doesn’t it?). The political arena is one battle after another. You don’t win them all, and you don’t lose them all.

But you’ll lose most of them if you let minor defeats distract you from the overarching war. (Click to Tweet)

Fear will do everything possible to conquer and silence you. Fear is what makes a man throw in the towel. Certain that America can’t recover her glory days, he decides to teach his children mandarin Chinese to prepare them for Chinese domination.

Fear is what keeps your neighbor (or yourself) from visiting the voting booth to make your voice heard. From performing your duty as a citizen.

Fear is what has gripped the majority of Americans, turning them into apathetic children trying to ignore reality.

Stop Trembling and Fight Fear

Whatever keeps you from speaking out against the machine. Whatever keeps you from voting in elections. Whoever says you can’t change your community, state, or nation.

Ditch it. Ignore it. Granny slap it and execute a swift kick in the crotch. Nock that sucker out, because you don’t need that kind of negativity. There’s too much at stake to succumb to Fear.

I know the situation we face here in America can feel hopeless, but remember, Americans have gone through worse.

Imagine what Americans during the Great Depression were thinking. Or during the Cold War. Or during the American Revolution.

America has had it worse. If they could push through the hard times in our nation’s past, then we can easily conquer the demons that are at our gates now.

Fight Fear. Stand strong. Be vocal. Live Free.

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