Make Your Argument About People (Fight for People)

fight for people

Have you ever had your house robbed before?

If you have, you know how terrifying an experience it is.

Your life revolves around your home. You sleep, eat, and relax in it.

Home is where you raise your family, it’s where your dogs come in to rest after running around in the yard.

Having someone break into your house hits home. It’s the epicenter. If you aren’t safe in your house, are you safe anywhere?

Now let me ask you this… what did you do after your house was robbed?

Did you install a new security system in your house? Maybe buy a big black dog to frighten away (and potentially maul) intruders?

Or, did you make a visit to your local gun shop and buy a handgun to protect yourself?

That’s what Shaneen Allen did after being robbed twice. She brought a handgun to protect herself and her two sons.

A single mother has to do something to protect herself.

But, it seems the robbers weren’t the threat after all.

“[Shaneen is] facing up to three years in jail on weapons related charges after she voluntarily told a New Jersey officer when pulled over that she was traveling out of state with her handgun.”

This single mother bought a gun to protect her family, and now she’s facing jail time. All because she wanted to protect herself.

Why is This Single Mother’s Story Important?

Why care about Shaneen? She should have known about New Jersey’s gun restrictions right? Maybe, but that’s not the point.

The point is Shaneen is a single mother. She just wanted to protect her family from robbers.

However, like all good intentions, they can easily be squashed by an outside force. That force is a state that refuses citizens to arm themselves according to their own standards.

A single mother should be able to buy a gun, train with it, and protect herself with it. All without having to worry about some bureaucrat taking it away from her.

Shaneen is the reason why you and I are pro-gun.

We Need to Fight For People

You’re for freedom, right? Individual rights, personal responsibility, private property, it’s all a part of freedom.

Well… so are people.

Have you noticed the “individual” part of freedom? Why is that? Why stress the “individual” part?

Because, that’s what freedom is about. It’s about individuals living their life free of government intrusion. It’s you, living your life without having to worry about other people using the government to invade your life.

Fighting for freedom is fighting for people.

In the end, people are why you and I support freedom. (click to tweet)

Make it About People, not Party Specific Issues

The Constitution, limited government, and the Founding Fathers are all good. I love them. But, they can easily become buzz words that push people away.

What works better? Arguing the issue to death, or bringing the conversation into the real world with real examples and stories?

It’s harder for someone to dis a single mother of two than links to a few articles.

Use it In Your Debates

It’s easy to grab some stats and argue your point. It’s even easier for someone to grab more stats and counter your argument.

It’s harder to counter an argument meant to evoke an emotional connection.

An emotional connection? What the heck am I talking about?

I talked about this a while back. Creating an emotional argument (that’s backed with facts) is a great way to persuade your opponent. It breaks through their defenses and hits ‘em where it counts.

Emotional arguments hit them in the heart. It creates sympathy, guilt, positive anger, and other human emotions that help connect people to those suffering.

Here’s an example: you’re arguing with a liberal about gun control. Instead of throwing out stats about how gun ownership lowers the crime rate, use examples of when guns saved someone’s life.

When it comes to reducing gun laws, Shaneen’s story is a perfect example to share. Women and minorities need to be able to defend themselves. They don’t need to be harassed while traveling in another state.

And, it’s not hard to find these stories. Just Google “gun saves lives story.” You’ll find plenty of examples to use.


As conservatives and libertarians, we need to be better at evangelizing to apathetic and moderate Americans.

And to do that, we need all the tools at our disposal.

Making the issue about people isn’t sketchy, sleazy, or liberal-ish. It’s bringing the reality of life into the conversation. People need guns to protect themselves. Not everyone can be a martial arts expert. Nor can they hire personal security.

To win and convert, you need a combination of emotion, logic, and real world stories.

Conservatives and libertarians have the “logic” part down. Now, it’s time to work on the other two tools. (click to tweet)

Are you going to keep having worthless arguments with people on the internet? Or, are you going to try and win them over?

If you take this strategy to heart (a “For People” strategy), work on the other strategies I’ve mentioned, plus the ones I talk about in my newsletter you’ll be well on your way to winning friends and neighbors over.

Now, let’s roll…

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