Eruption At The Guitar Store

Eruption at the guitar store

Capitalism promotes creativity and individuality

Communism doesn’t. Everyone’s part of the community, there’s no “I” or “you,” there’s just “us.”

Socialism doesn’t. The Government’s enormous reach into the market place (and every other sector of society) makes sure that anyone that tries to go off the beaten path so to speak runs into a wall.

Fascism doesn’t. The state is the religion. There’s no room for your individualistic nonsense and ideas. The state will decide it for you.

Capitalism lets you walk your own path

It’s the market place of ideas. If there’s a demand and you’ve got the supply then there’s a chance that you’ll make it.

Capitalism isn’t about conformity. If it was then it’d be nothing more than another form of communism or socialism.

It would fail.

To succeed, to be noticed in a Capitalistic market you have to break free of the crowd.

Be different, be creative, be useful, be helpful.

Eddie Van Halen understood that.

Do you think that he would have been popular if he sticked to the same guitar solos that everyone else was doing? Would he have garnered fame by acting like every other guitarist on stage?

The answer’s no.

With his crazy guitar moves, humorous smile, and eccentric stage moves he paved his own path. He made a name for himself.

He separated himself from everyone else.

Understand this factor & it’ll take you far

There’s no guaranties. It takes more than being unique to succeed, but it’ll definitely give you a head start.

At the least, it’ll show others around you that you’ve got something to offer.

Capitalism doesn’t reward you for being a copy of a copy.

Stand out! Find out what makes you unique, and run with it.

And never look back.


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