Don’t Let Your Age Stop You

Being a teenager interested in politics is hard enough.

You have your friends to deal with. You get weird looks whenever you bring up politics.

The last thing you need is to be mocked or ignored because of your age. By adults, nonetheless.

You’re too young. So your age is blamed for you supposedly “wrong” opinions. Ironically, the same people who dis you for your age will applaud you for being so young and political informed.

The deciding factor on whether you’re praised as a prodigy or pushed aside as a youngster depends on whether they agree with you.

As always, the deciding factor is similarity. Not proficiency. Or the guts to talk politics with adults.

Go off the beaten path, and you’ve lost all credibility.

This is one of the harder parts of being a young politically inclined individual.

The adults (i.e. older people) make it harder.

Despite the fact that age doesn’t matter.

What does matter is a well-crafted message, strong grasp of what you believe, articulation, and civility.

That’s what’s important.

Your age is an easy target. It’s easy to ignore you because you’re 16, 18, or 21.

Don’t let the haters stop you.

Don’t let them stop you from becoming informed. Don’t let your age stop you from reaching out to others.

Having trouble growing politically? Or even starting out? Don’t run for help to those who have/will mock you for your age. Find someone who will help you grow for the sake of personal betterment.

I’m here, if you need it. It’s why I write. It’s why I’ve written a guide on becoming politically informed.

Because too many people aren’t sure how to do it. And not many people are willing to help.

If you’d like the guide, you can buy it by clicking the link below. It’s only five bucks.

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