Deny Legitimacy To A Group’s Plight For Long Enough & Soon All They Have Left is Violence

With all that’s happening recently with #BlackLivesMatter protests throughout the country, and the recent shootings, I thought I’d give out a little reminder on why this is happening.

This isn’t the main reason why. Think of it like a caveat.

When a group cries “oppression” and “injustice” while outsiders criticize and dismiss them, don’t be surprised when said group starts taking part in mass protests, civil disobedience, and violence.

Again, I’m not condoning what is happening. I can critique both sides of this without falling into the usual identity politics that is oh so prevalent these days.

But guess what…the continual ignoring of black issues for the sack of your own racial narrative (and self-righteousness) will only makes this worse. In fact, it’s partially what led to it.

This isn’t something you can ignore and hope goes away.

It’s an important facet of American politics, today. That’s not to say the issue is massive (it’s not comparable to the Civil Rights movement or earlier racial tension), but it’s also not avoidable. There will be people and groups who will overhype it for their own gain and agenda. There will be others who dismiss it for the same reasons. Don’t fall for it.

Step back from whatever your party told you to think. Calm down. Then, think over it and think about the people involved on both sides.

This isn’t a dichotomy. No side is innocent, or completely in the wrong. People have suffered on both sides, but you need to realize the pain the “other side” is going through before you make rash judgments.

And please, don’t patronize the black community by replying to them with “blue lives matter” or “all lives matter.” It doesn’t help, and it doesn’t sit well.

When your group’s been oppressed and disrespected by the system for so long, it’s not about all of America, it’s now about black America. Saying blue or all lives matter is just insulting to what they’re going through. And it shows how ignorant and apathetic you are to their plight.


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